Monday, 3 March 2008

Harrison Ford Career Spotlight: From Indy to Ender's Game

Considering that the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films are popular even with younger audiences, I'd say Harrison Ford's still a well-known actor.

Harrison Ford Career Spotlight: From Indy to Ender s Game

Harrison Ford Career Spotlight: From Indy to Ender's Game..he looks pretty good for seventy. seriously... the guy's been freaking Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Would anybody want him to look like he'd had a dozen facelifts in a pointless attempt to make himself look 55? He's never cast himself as a "pretty boy", and his characters were never superhuman.

They were regular guys who got by on being resilient, resourceful, determined, pretty lucky, and largely unflappable in crappy situations. Ford looks craggy and weatherbeaten, like a guy who's lived a few lives and isn't afraid to show it. And the cool thing is, he comes from an age where it was okay for a major movie star to not even reach his/her movie star prime until he was already 40, an era which is basically gone now (with a few exceptions like Robert Downey Jr.).

Not that I want Harrison Ford to retire, I love alot of his work, but there does come a time for every actor when unfortunately it's time to call it a day. I'm just curious when others think that might be and what type of film role he might select as his final role that completes his career? For myself I think it would be pretty great if he made Indy 5 his final role released some time soon after the end of the Star Wars ST in 2019, so maybe Indy 5 by 2021 which is the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark and all four previous Indy movies could be theatrically rereleased just prior to Indy 5.

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