Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Mel Gibson and Heaven

Heaven and Mel.. Gibson

He told Diane Sawyer that he believes non-Catholics and non-Christians can go to heaven..

Heaven and Mel Gibson (Kindle Single)

Heaven and Mel.. Gibson

..story of love and hatred, of anti-Semitism and fathers and sons, and of a movie star's tragic sexual obsession, of God and the Devil..

His actions films, while good, will never bring him back on top. Mel Gibson needs directing and he needs a controversial subject. If he could find someone to take a gamble and make the Judah Maccabees film, it would be a hit. He has the directing talent to make it an Oscar contender, and it would be so controversial that everyone would want to see it. He could cast himself in a supporting role that is also emotional and he would be back in no time. He can make the premiere in Jerusalem, Israel and it would pay off. Or he could take the dramatic role route, but it would be a long one as he would need a few good roles to make an impression on critics. However, directing is his only way back to where he was. He can cast himself in a well written supporting role and he would be on a roll in no time.

Update June 6, 2012

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