Friday, 30 May 2008

Rosamund Pike Unauthorized & Uncensored

Her deep eyes, calm voice and her facial expressions are so lovely... Rosamund Pike, she's so beautiful! She sort of has a classic Hollywood glamor about her.

Maybe She's not a good actress. She has same expression in every scene, in every movie. One does not simply be a good actress, just looking very hot.

In Jack Reacher, Rosamund Pike,  she looked permanently surprised. The situation didn´t matter, it was always the same expression. Maybe somebody shaved off her eyebrows and glued ´em back on a little too high... while she may not be a huge star or anything she has a very solid line of work after her Bond movie

Rosamund Pike Unauthorized & Uncensored

Rosamund Pike Unauthorized & Uncensored

But.. her performance in An Education was superb. She stole every scene she was in (the contrast with Mulligan was obviously part of the script put seriously it could not have been more dramatic) as her elegance and beauty and natural talent are just so winning. I have loved her for years; her beauty, dignity, and poise set her apart in every film that she is in -- she has this way of stealing the light away from every other actor in a scene (although she is such a naturally talented and generous actress that she can play secondary roles with grace). Very happy to see her getting so much attention for Gone Girl and hopefully an Oscar nomination as well. She has worked hard for a long time; she has certainly paid her dues and earned every bit of the praise she is receiving.

Rosi is the personification of gorgeousness made flesh (quoting Stanley Kubrick) part off why Fincher cast her. She was adorable in Barney's Version, if Gone Girls is a success she won't have to do any more films like Shaft of the Titans.

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