Sunday, 31 August 2008

Drew Barrymore, Find It in Everything

Drew Barrymore, On Oprah..

Adorable, unaffected, charmingly authentic. What a nice person. You just want to be her best buddy and support her. Marvel at where she is in life given where she has been. She certainly has license to be a nightmare, but she is the opposite.

Drew Barrymore, Find It in Everything

Drew Barrymore, Find It in Everything

Drew Barrymore, She and her husband really seem to love one another and that baby is just adorable. Loved that she does not feel the pressure to hurry and be a size 0 two weeks after Olive was born. That "hamster wheel from hell" as she calls it always seems like the most cruel thing a new mom can do to herself. It's very happy seeing her be so normal.

She also always seems so upbeat and looks at the best in people. You don't get the I'm better than everyone else attitude. She is just a positive personality.

She's so young and fresh and real. Her daughter is going to grow up so grounded.

That's how it always has been. Drew Barrymore was always extremely emphatic and lovely and kind. always kind of stunned when watching her interviews. Stunned that a human being can be THAT sweet.

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