Sunday, 31 May 2009

Nicole Sullivan, Favorite her madtv sketch

No matter who Nicole Sullivan is,she steals every scene.even when shes just a serious character,like the photographer in stuart... I like all her sketches but probably the Vancome Lady or Darlene McBride. I really like Antonia too because she's so sweet and innocent.

Nicole Sullivan, Dingle, Barry

Nicole Sullivan, Dingle, Barry

My favorite Nicole Sullivan sketch was recently shown on Comedy Central. She was a "special guest" because she was no longer a regular, and played Marvin Tikvah's daughter at this father/daughter luncheon and they're incredibly crass and next to this very conventional family.

Anyway, it's juvenile humor, but the funniest part of the sketch was when the father and daughter next to them go up to dance and say, "Excuse us." Marvin Tikvah asks, "Why? Which one of you farted?" "Dad!" Nicole Sullivan yells, before whispering to him: "It was me!" I laughed for five minutes.

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