Saturday, 31 October 2009

Natalie Portman's Stark Reality

Natalie Portman's Stark Reality

She was brilliant in Black Swan, Natalie killed the Black Swan performance.She definitely won for the right film. She was amazing. She completely deserved her oscar. She was also really good in Closer, quite deserving of an award for that performance too, she was phenomenal in that movie and looked her best too.

Natalie Portman s Stark Reality: A Biography

Natalie Portman s Stark Reality: A Biography..

Natalie Portman is very limited as far as acting goes.

She plays two characters only. In everything. She is either a fragile and delicate female who is very sensitive (Black Swan, Closer, Brothers, Where The Heart Is, The Other Woman) , or she plays a fragile female who is forced to be a badass and be forceful (V for Vendetta, Star Wars, The Other Boleyn Girl, Your Highness, Leon, Thor)

She is simply not very very good at trying to be somebody else. She has played different shades of the same character over and over and over. She acts like a child in every single role she's ever taken.

Yes, she was great in Black Swan, but she did have Darren Aronofsky directing her, and everything she's done up to Black Swan personifies what her character was as Nina Sayers. Nobody else could have played that role. Mike Nichols directed her in Closer, which makes a big difference, and Closer had a killer good screenplay.

She's a mediocre actress. When she has someone tremendously talented directing her, and when she has a tremendously fantastic movie she's working on, that helps her be much better. But she is a very limited actress who is held in much higher regard than she deserves.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Lake Bell, talented

RRomanino said.. Lake Bell, She is talented. I am sitting here watching "Over Her Dead Body" and Lake Bell is definitely the best thing about this movie. I had never seen her work before so I looked her up here. People are harsh on this site, period. I am an actor as well and this girl is talented. I'd love to see her in more films and to be lucky enough to be cast with her one day.

Lake Bell, In A World...

Lake Bell, In A World...

Sean H. Robertson said Lake Bell is HOT and a great actress. I filmed with her in two scenes in Little Murder last month in Detroit. She is also a great person too, as she spoke with me on several occasions and was very nice & warm. Go LAKE!

Lake Bell's Films:
2002 plays in Speakeasy rolee as Sara Marnikov
2003 plays in War Stories rolee as Nora Stone
2003 plays in I Love Your Work rolee as Felicia
2004 plays in Fresh out of Tears rolee as Leila , Short film
2004 plays in Slammed rolee as Gina Micelli
2006 plays in Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders rolee as Jillian Dunne
2008 plays in Under Still Waters rolee as Charlie , Newport Beach Film Festival Award for Outstanding Performance in Acting
2008 plays in Over Her Dead Body rolee as Ashley
2008 plays in What Happens in Vegas rolee as Tipper
2008 plays in Pride and Glory rolee as Megan Egan
2008 plays in Prop 8: The Musical rolee as Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell , Short for Funny or Die
2009 plays in It's Complicated rolee as Agness Adler , National Board of Review Award for Best Acting by an Ensemble
2010 plays in Shrek Forever After rolee as Patrol Witch / Wagon Witch #2 ,
2010 plays in Burning Palms rolee as Mary Jane
2010 plays in The Doctors of Children's Hospital Answer Your Medical Questions rolee as Dr. Cat Black , Short for Funny or Die
2010 plays in 10 Minutes rolee as Herself , Short for Funny or Die
2010 plays in Worst Enemy rolee as Writer & Director , Short film
2011 plays in Little Murder rolee as Corey Little
2011 plays in No Strings Attached rolee as Lucy
2011 plays in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy rolee as Alison Cohen
2011 plays in Home for Actresses rolee as Lake , Short for Funny or Die
2012 plays in Black Rock rolee as Lou
2013 plays in In a World... rolee as Carol Solomon, Writer, director, and producer.,
2014 plays in Million Dollar Arm rolee as Brenda Paauwe Bernstein , Completed
2014 plays in Mr. Peabody & Sherman rolee as Mona Lisa , Voice role
2015 plays in Man Up rolee as Nancy
2015 plays in No Escape rolee as Annie Dwyer
2016 plays in The Secret Life of Pets rolee as Chloe

2002 plays in ER rolee as Jody Holmes , Episode: One Can Only Hope, Episode: Tell Me Where It Hurts
2003 plays in Miss Match rolee as Victoria Carlson , Series regular
2004 plays in The Practice rolee as Sally Heep , Episode: The Firm, Episode: Comings And Goings, Episode: New Hoods on the Block, Episode: Adjourned (a.k.a. Cheers)
2004–2006 plays in Boston Legal rolee as Sally Heep , Series regular; guest star
2005–2006 plays in Surface rolee as Laura Daughtery , Series regular
2008–present plays in Childrens Hospital rolee as Dr. Cat Black , Series regular
2009 plays in Wainy Days rolee as Blaire , Episode: Dance Club
2010 plays in The League rolee as Brooke , Episode: The White Knuckler
2010–2011 plays in How to Make It in America rolee as Rachel Chapman , Series regular
2011 plays in New Girl rolee as Amanda , Episode: Naked
2012 plays in Top Gear U.S. rolee as Herself , Episode: Rut's show

Video games:
2009 plays in Prototype rolee as Dana Mercer

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