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Natalie Portman's Stark Reality

Natalie Portman's Stark Reality

She was brilliant in Black Swan, Natalie killed the Black Swan performance.She definitely won for the right film. She was amazing. She completely deserved her oscar. She was also really good in Closer, quite deserving of an award for that performance too, she was phenomenal in that movie and looked her best too.

Natalie Portman s Stark Reality: A Biography

Natalie Portman s Stark Reality: A Biography..

Natalie Portman is very limited as far as acting goes.

She plays two characters only. In everything. She is either a fragile and delicate female who is very sensitive (Black Swan, Closer, Brothers, Where The Heart Is, The Other Woman) , or she plays a fragile female who is forced to be a badass and be forceful (V for Vendetta, Star Wars, The Other Boleyn Girl, Your Highness, Leon, Thor)

She is simply not very very good at trying to be somebody else. She has played different shades of the same character over and over and over. She acts like a child in every single role she's ever taken.

Yes, she was great in Black Swan, but she did have Darren Aronofsky directing her, and everything she's done up to Black Swan personifies what her character was as Nina Sayers. Nobody else could have played that role. Mike Nichols directed her in Closer, which makes a big difference, and Closer had a killer good screenplay.

She's a mediocre actress. When she has someone tremendously talented directing her, and when she has a tremendously fantastic movie she's working on, that helps her be much better. But she is a very limited actress who is held in much higher regard than she deserves.

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