Thursday, 31 December 2009

Demi Moore - The Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood

Demi was a workhorse for several years. She had many projects on her plate during the mid nineties. Striptease and G.I. Jane among them (also her most high profile roles) where she put a lot of effort in, from training in pre production reshaping her body to promotion...but in the end the reward wasn't there.

Her performances were panned, the box office did not see successful returns according to Hollywood standards. When you think you are doing good work, but ultimately being criticized from audiences while producers are raising eyebrows and worst of all this, amidst a divorce, Demi Moore chose to walk away.

Demi Moore - The Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood

Demi Moore - The Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood

Not one film "ended" Demi's career. It was a combination of things. While she was "retired" to Idaho with her daughters, she was turning down roles and not until offered "Charlie's Angels" and when, according to Demi her daughters asked "Are you ever going to work again?" did she decide to make a comeback. Had Demi not been married to Ashton Kutcher, she would have barreled through and worked more during the years they were together, but she was content to see him through his endeavors while taking on a role or two a year.

Although Demi More has had some great albeit small roles the past 10 years, her films didn't see wide releases and it still seems that she has never been able to fully breakthrough again.

She'll never be the star she was in the 90's, mainly because Hollywood (and audiences) can be ageist, but her screen presence is definitely missed and her career certainly is not over.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Katharine McPhee, The album..

Katharine McPhee' album... is AMAZING. It really shows Kat's abilities as a songwriter and artist, which the first album didn't. This album is so much more organic and cohesive. I LOVE IT! Faultline, Unbroken, It's Not Right, Terrified, Keep Drivin', and Had It All are my favorites.

Katharine McPhee, Unbroken

Katharine McPhee, Unbroken

Well Katherine McPhee got an amazing album, and what Verve did for her is the second best thing a record label did for an AI contestant (2nd only to what Arista did for Carrie with Some Hearts). Let's just hope they'll put some money into promotion.

As for the sales, it's not like Verve Forecast artists get huge numbers anyway so I figure she only needs to sell a small percentage of her debut album's sales. We'll have to wait and see if she did enough to keep her fans from back in the day around.

Katharine McPhee's Films:
2007 plays in Crazy Paramount Girl Cameo
2008 plays in The House Bunny role as Harmony , Supporting role
2011 plays in You May Not Kiss the Bride role as Masha , Co-star
2011 plays in Shark Night 3D role as Beth , Co-star
2012 plays in Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding role as Singer at a festival , Cameo

Katharine McPhee's Televisions:
2007 plays in lonelygirl15 role as New Friend , Web series; episode: "Truth or Dare"
2007 plays in Ugly Betty role as Herself , Episode: "I'm Coming Out"
2009 plays in CSI: NY role as Odessa Shaw / Dana Melton , Episode: "Prey"
2010 plays in Community role as Amber , Episode: "Basic Genealogy"
2012–2013 plays in Smash role as Karen Cartwright , Lead role (32 episodes)
2012 plays in Family Guy role as Mother Maggie (voice) , Episode: "You Can't Do That on Television, Peter"
2014 plays in In My Dreams role as Natalie Russo , Movie; lead role
2014 plays in It Could Be Worse role as Lucy, a casting director , Web series; guest role
2014–present plays in Scorpion role as Paige Dineen , Lead role

Katharine McPhee's albums:
2007 Katharine McPhee
2010 Unbroken)
2010 Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You

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