Sunday, 31 January 2010

Julia: Her Life

Julia Roberts - your best and worst memories of her
when she was interviewed and the interviewer told her some video about her went viral. In refering to the viral part she was being sarcastic and rude saying "uhhh what does that mean? it sounds like you should take some medicine for that...." I love sarcasm but the way she came across was just plain annoying.

In the behind the scenes feature (shown on e!) for my bestfriend's wedding, she is shown filming the scene where she tries on her bridesmaid gown and she's about to say "i need a cigarette" and she steps down from the platform and she falls. but instead of having the normal "actressy" reaction and diva-esque and angry, she laughs out loud and her reaction was so contagious, that cameron diaz (in the scene with her) gets the giggles as well.

Julia: Her Life

Julia: Her Life ..Lots of articles in her early career reference how box office receipts on her films were really just due to people wanting to see HER on film. They really didn't care as much about the story, at least at the time. SWTE is a good example of that - when you focus on the story and premise, it's quite lackluster. But Julia's name and face made it a $100M film.

the movies that showed Julia Roberts at her best were Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman. You could see that there was something special about her... and loved all that curly, big hair. Those two movies made her the star that she is today. Erin Brockovich proved that with the right material she could act her a** off.

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