Saturday, 1 May 2010

Nicole Gale Anderson, the prettiest disney star

Nicole Gale Anderson, shes the prettiest disney star. While think selena, demi, and miley are all pretty including the othe stars, This girl seems to have a great personality and have the most natural beauty. She does remind us of valerie bertenilli when she was younger, the resemblence is uncanny from the pics of valerie in her younger days. She looks nothing like selena, maybe a tad bit like demi, but prettier. She has a natural look, and thats whats great about her. She should have bigger roles in Disney.

Accused at 17, year 2011, Nicole Gale Anderson

Accused at 17, Nicole Gale Anderson

She looks like demi and also selena, which people think selena and demi look a like. So disney likes the brunetts! it's funny how Disney has dropped the blondes recently.. yeah disney actually really does look for brunette roles more than they do blonde.

The thing with Disney, its foundation meaning way in the beginning before Britney and Christina was a little brunette by the name of Annette Funicello; she was the all american girl next door sans the blonde hair so while think they make an attempt to cast all types it's the brunette that started it all.

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