Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Janel Parrish, Pretty Little Liars

she's such a natural beauty.. doesnt try to be sexy, but just is. another eurasian beauty up and coming.... she's super cute in some pics and then ultra hot in others she's smokin' hot and if she's a good actress she's gonna be a star

Janel Parrish : Pretty Little Liars, Interesting choice as Mona... don't really see her as Mona, but we'll see as the show progresses. don't get why she is only marked down for five episodes? She's Hanna's best friend and not going to give away any book spoilers but they aren't going to advance THAT fast.

Janel Parrish : Pretty Little Liars

Janel Parrish Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

notice the main girls like Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna are only down for eight episodes. Which clearly means they're testing the show to see how well it does, and if the ratings are high enough, they'll order the rest of the season. just hate getting into a show for eight whole episodes and then it's cancelled. Hopefully, that won't happen with this one. ::knocks on wood::

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