Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Victoria Justice: Red Carpet Ready

Victoria Justice: Red Carpet Ready.. she has got to be the most.....

..gorgeous girl ever seen.. one of the most gorgeous for sure.. very beautiful girl. .. Victoria Justice is simply a 9/10 (with makeup, hair done, and proper clothing). That is just that.

Off Course What someone considers beauty is all very subjective. There is no good or wrong. Maybe someone can make a case better than the other clearly don't. The Others stick to seeing hotter women. I will stick to being with hotter women.

Victoria Justice: Red Carpet Ready - The Early Years

Victoria Justice: Red Carpet Ready - The Early Years.. She 's white Hispanic. Puerto Rican on one side but with obvious European features to be accepted by the white America. She is obviously white. Puerto Rico is the whitest island in the Caribbean. People with the European ancestry are the majority there.Victoria looks like a typical Southern European girl.

Updated Apr 26, 2013

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