Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sarah Palin to Co-Host NBC's TODAY Show!

Sarah Palin Haters should Get ready to go into yet ANOTHER powerless little foot stomping,huffy little tizzy over Sarah Palins popularity.....she is gonna co-host NBC's TODAY show tomorrow. [[yes]]

Another game changer?

Sarah Palin will co-host NBC s Today on Tuesday. The morning show s website described her visit this way: She ll reveal a different side of her than you ve seen before.

Sarah Palin, Game Change

Sarah Palin, Game Change.. It is an awesome movie about the McCain/Palin campaign.

Today s decision to bring in Palin comes during the same week Katie Couric will fill in for Robin Roberts as co-host on Good Morning America. ABC has been heavily promoting the appearance of Couric, who is developing a talk show for syndication that will premiere this fall.

Palin s played the role of on-camera talent before: She s a paid contributor for the Fox News Channel. If it s a slow news day on Tuesday, perhaps the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate will talk in depth about Julianne Moore s portrayal of her in HBO s Game Change, which ranked as the pay net s most-watched original film in nearly eight years.

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