Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vanessa Hudgens Special

Vanessa Hudgen and Zac actually dated for 5 years and the reason they dated so long was because they actually have a lot in common. Zac's trips, Vanessa has actually done a lot of the same stuff. She has gone swimming with sharks, scuba diving, skydiving, zip linning, hiking, surfing, and she goes on tons of trips on and off the grid. Zac's eating habits and again Vanessa is the same way. She is part Phillipina (her mom is full) and she introduced Zac to some of their cultural dishes.

Vanessa Hudgens does not milk stuff for publicity like others in Hollywood do. She made one little statement about her photo scandal when it happened and that has been it. She refuses to talk about it still to this day because it still hurts her. Imagine going out in public and people yelling that they have seen you nude even though you were just trying to visit someone on set ( happened while she was visiting Zac on the 17 Again set). And even thought she has had 3 leaks, all pics occured before the first leak even happened. She and Zac were both very respectful of one another in the press when they broke up. She could have easily milked it and her photo scandal and she never did.

The Frozen Ground with Nicolas Cage (Actor), John Cusack (Actor), Vanessa Hudgens (Actor) Scott Walker (Director, Writer)

The Frozen Ground with Nicolas Cage (Actor), John Cusack (Actor), Vanessa Hudgens (Actor) Scott Walker (Director, Writer)

How loyal Vanessa Hudgens is to people she cares about. She got with Zac long before people thought he was cute. She was with him when everyone was calling him gay or making fun of his fake tan or greasy hair. She didn't throw a fit when Disney was pimping Zac and Ashley during HSM1 and ignoring her or treating her like 2nd fiddle even though Vanessa was the whole reason Zac was cast. (Zac's vocal range didn't fit HSM1 and the only reason he got it was because Kenny loved his chemistry with Vanessa. Zac didn't sing in the first movie while Vanessa did.)

When HSM became a success, everyone said that Vanessa would be a nobody shortly after HSM3 came out. And here she is...still around. She had a movie post Disney do 300 million worldwide. She has had critical success with Spring Breakers and Frozen Ground and word out about Gimme Shelter will continue the trend for her.

The only reason she did Inner Circle was to help out Ashley Tisdale. Ashley is the executive producer on the show. The idea is to have a different celebrity introduce the world to one of their best friends. Vanessa is only in this episode. It was the pilot episode...nothing is going to be perfect in that episode. They will figure stuff out along the way.

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