Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pauley Perrette, Excellent Song!, Just Gotta Say-'Fear'

Pauley Perrette, she's hot, has unique style, and is a primetime TV star. What's not to like? Just Gotta Say-'Fear' Is An Excellent Song! Pauley Should Sing More!

watched soemthing or read something somewhere where Pauley said that it was a poem she wrote to herself once upon a time and now they made it into a song. It totally works!

Pauley Perrette, Fear, Stop Making Friends

Pauley Perrette, Fear, Stop Making Friends

It is my favriote song ever. My fave line is THE ONLY FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF

Pauley Perrette's Films:
1994 plays in Magical Make-Over role as Shannon , ABC Afterschool Specials
1996–97 plays in Murder One role as Gwen , 10 episodes
1996 plays in Frasier role as Rebecca , 2 episodes (credited as: Pauley P)
1997 plays in Early Edition role as Theresa Laparco , Episode: "Mob Wife" (credited as: Pauley P)
1997 plays in The Price of Kissing role as Renee
1998 plays in Hand on the Pump role as Hi-Girl
1998 plays in Hoofboy
1998 plays in That's Life role as Lisa , 6 episodes
1998 plays in The Naked Truth role as Ilana , Episode: "The Seer and the Sucker"
1998 plays in The Drew Carey Show role as Darcy , 4 episodes
1999 plays in Batman Beyond role as Cop (voice) , Episode: "Golem"
1999 plays in Jesse role as Gwen , 3 episodes
1999 plays in Veronica's Closet role as Nicole , Episode: "Veronica's Little Ruse"
1999 plays in Batman Beyond: The Movie role as Police officer , Voice
1999–2000 plays in Time of Your Life role as Cecilia Wiznarksi , 21 episodes
2000 plays in Civility role as Carolyn
2000 plays in Almost Famous role as Alice Wisdom
2001 plays in Smash role as Charley , Unknown episodes
2001 plays in My First Mister role as Bebe
2001 plays in Dead Last role as Erica , Episode: "Death Is in the Air"
2001 plays in Philly role as Angela , Episode: "Light My Fire"
2001 plays in Dawson's Creek role as Rachel Weir, Ph.D. , 2 episodes
2001 plays in The American Shame role as , Associate producer
2001–02 plays in Special Unit 2 role as Alice Cramer , 4 episodes
2002 plays in 24 role as Tanya , 2 episodes
2002 plays in Red Skies role as Patty Peirson , TV
2002 plays in The Ring role as Beth
2002 plays in Hungry Hearts role as Cokie Conner
2002 plays in Haunted role as Nadine , Episode: "Fidelity"
2003 plays in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation role as Candeece , Episode: "Lady Heather's Box"
2003 plays in JAG role as Abby Sciuto , 2 episodes
2003 plays in Ash Tuesday role as Gina Mascara
2003 plays in Brother Bear role as Female Lover Bear , Voice
2003–present plays in NCIS role as Abby Sciuto , All episodes
2004 plays in Cut and Run role as Jolene
2004 plays in A Moment of Grace role as Dr. Grace Peters
2005 plays in Potheads: The Movie role as LuLu
2008 plays in The Singularity Is Near role as Ramona
2009 plays in Satan Hates You role as Marie Flowers
2009 plays in NCIS: Los Angeles role as Abby Sciuto , 2 episodes
2012 plays in I Am Bad role as Mom
2012 plays in Superman vs. The Elite role as Lois Lane , Voice
2013 plays in Citizen Lane role as self, director , Documentary on Mark Lane
2014 plays in NCIS: New Orleans role as Abby Sciuto , 1 episodes

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