Friday, 31 May 2013

Shakira: Woman Full of Grace

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.. Despite finding great success at such a young age, twenty-four-year-old Shakira remains remarkably balanced, confounding the usual stereotypes associated with rock stars...

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Shakira: Woman Full of Grace

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sarah Hyland, a miracle incarnate

Sarah Hyland is a miracle incarnate, watching "Geek Charming" and "Call Me Crazy" one after another. That experience has given the opinion that Sarah Hyland is the most beautiful, sexy and charismatic actress in the world right now. Perhaps even-more-so than Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls". Whether she's all-dressed-up and perfect in "Geek Charming" or or all gritty-and-real in "Call Me Crazy" she's killing-it-big-time. Give this girl some more blockbuster starring roles!!

Struck by Lightning with Chris Colfer (Actor), Sarah Hyland (Actor), Brian Dannelly (Director)

Struck by Lightning with Chris Colfer (Actor), Sarah Hyland (Actor), Brian Dannelly (Director)

Pretty impressive performances for made for tv movies.

BTW, Hyland is a somewhat common Swedish surname. So she might have some Swedish ancestry, but who knows if it's much or little. At least both her parents have English first names but her paternal grandparents could be both Swedish or just on the father's side, or the Swedish part is even older but the last name lives on through paternal heritage :) So she may have some Swedish in her family tree. Or not, think the name has English origins also, as in highlander.

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