Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Michelle Obama her Own Words

Wherever you are, If you like it, you can download kindle e-book of Michelle Obama her Own Words.

..what kind of role Michelle Obama will play once she settles into the White House..

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Michelle Obama her Own Words

The following link to Michelle Obama her Own Words

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sasha Pieterse, GORGEOUS, I Can't Fix You

Sasha Pieterse : She looks like a doll... like a realistic version of a bratz doll or barbie doll. It's her face, it has a very baby-faced quality about it, having all these features like big eyes and pink cheeks. It's a very unique look.

Sasha Pieterse, I Can t Fix You

I Can't Fix You CD by Sasha Pieterse (Artist)

Sasha Pieterse is sooooooooo friggin GORGEOUS beyond belief.. She is hot

Watching PLL and tell you don't find Sasha hot,sexy,and beautiful.She often upstages the legal girls on show.

Sasha Pieterse was awesome on Hawaii Five-O, Loved seeing her play the hot, psychotic villain. The look she gave while being interrogated. So evil.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Japan, portable water filter /purifier

Travel and Recreation to Japan.... anyone reccomended a portable water filter/purifier? I'm looking for something under $50 that will fit in a backpack. Brita Fill & Go bottles, you shouldn't have a problem with drinking water in Japan.

..It doesn't seem to be available in the United States. Is this pretty much the same product you were reccomending? or is this closer to what I should be looking for. from what I understand of britta bottles, it doesn't matter what you get because they use the same interchangeable filters.

Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle

Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle

They have britta bottles in Japan. (at least they did a until a few years ago). I used to buy my britta products from the local supermarket.

by the way, tap water is safe to drink in japan

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