Wednesday, 31 December 2014

call dvd blu rays tapes - vhs tapes - discs?

Are my parents the only ones? I can't count how many times I have had to correct my parents when they call my blu rays tapes. I keep having to tell them vhs tapes when out a while ago and it would be more accurate to call them discs. Am I the only person with parents who still call dvds / blu rays tapes?

Verbatim 25 GB 6x Blu-ray

Verbatim 25 GB 6x Blu-ray..

As long as they're not pretending to be experts on the subject, give them a break. If your parents are mostly non-technical and grew up in an era when gramophone records were the only disk-based medium, it probably took a lot for them to learn about "tapes".

Of course you can have hours of fun by asking them to rewind the DVD... :D

Nope, my parents call them tapes too. If your parents are paying to keep a roof over your head, as Speed said, cut them some slack.

No, I hear people do it all the time. The worst is when I'm recording something and people say I am "taping". Very irritating.

haha, I have the same problem as you, just in a different way.

My mom calls gigabits jiggabites


Actually the "jig" pronunciation is also correct, if not popular.

Well, my school teachers (especially the more "senior" ones) used to call VHS tapes "films", right up to the time I graduated in 2002. Despite the district having phased out 8/16mm films by about 1993 or '94. (35mm still filmstrips held on for a good while longer.)

Yes, and my grandmother still calls her audio CDs "records".

Tell 'Em I'm Gone, Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam, Why?

Tell 'Em I'm Gone is Cat Stevens 's new studio album 2014. That's one of his album after Cat Stevens convert to Islam.

Why Cat Stevens made religious conversion to Islam, and his name changed to Yusuf Islam?

Because He found "music for God". Cat Stevens was intrigued by the sound of the Aḏhān, the Islamic ritual call to prayer, which was explained to him as "music for God"

Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Robin Wright, her face?

I've recently seen Robin Wright in House of Cards and she looks quite different. Could it just be her haircut? Or has she had something done on her face?

Robin Wright, The Congress

Robin Wright, The Congress

Have you been following Robin Wright along the years?
I ask because I've seen messages around the web about House of Cards where people say she looks so different from The Princess Bride or Forrest Gump. And in the first she was 20 years old and in Forrest Gump she was 28 years old.

person 13
The first time I ever really saw her was in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I thought Who is that ragged-looking former beauty with the thin hair? I don't mean this in a catty way; she just struck me as someone who was surely very pretty in her day (still has beauty if you're into older women) but is showing her age. She seems to be one actress who isn't doing the extensions, surgeries, peels, etc even though she has a lot of sun damage and maybe cigarettes have faded her a bit.


Wow, if you don't mean that in a catty way then I'd hate to read your 'catty'. Yikes. I love Robin, love her looks, do not see her as 'ragged-looking' at all. She'll work forever because she is amazingly talented and hasn't f'd up her face with plastic surgery (Laura Dern is another who has not). I look forward to seeing much more of her!

I dont remember her from those early years, I have seen Forest Gump but dont recall her in it. But how she looks now is quite attractive for an "older woman" as it were. Her face is still beautiful now, and maybe I wont go back and rewatch those older films because it will surely ruin her current look for me.

This is funny because I used her as an example on aging actresses with noticeable face lift. There's several times throughout house of cards where you can see surgery scars under her jaw line similar to Katey sagal who has an identical scar.

Read my reply. They haven't had plastic surgery, they have tried to correct their jaw asymmetry. I explained in my reply how this asymmetry is created.

That being said I should also say I find those women incredibly attractive and love there acting just stating what I believe to have seen to answer your question

blondes just don't age well, especially the really thin ones. But Robin Wright, she's a great actress and that's the most important thing.

I think you meant fair skinned people don't age well. While many fair skinned people have light hair, it has nothing to do with hair color. Dark haired fair skinned people don't age well either.

My wife is fair skinned and she has aged very well. She uses sunscreen and is constantly putting on good moisturizers.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

So what if she chooses to age normally instead of overdoing the plastic surgery that so many women and actresses feel necessary?
You can't win for losing! If you get older naturally you are a "ragged old woman." If you have surgery you look "plastic."
Boy you people are judgmental!

agreed. i think Robin Wright, she's still beautiful - and MORESO for not caving to plastic hollywood conventions.

Everybody listen up. She has an asymmetrical jaw, slight difference on both sides. She is still strikingly gorgeous, however people with this asymmetry see it more then everybody else. So a small difference, like cutting your hair from long to short, will make this asymmetry viewable more heavily .

You face grows horizontally or vertically depending on where your tongue is placed within your mouth. Horizontal growth is considered a million times more beautiful than vertical growth, which leads to the likeliness of a less defined jaw, or a receding jaw. How you hold your teeth together in your mouth also determines the definition that will be created in the early years of your life, when jaw growth is more probable because your bones are still developing.

I placed my tongue on the roof of my mouth when I was younger and kept my teeth together. Now, this is meant to promote the best aesthetically pleasing facial growth, however, my teeth were slightly slanted, so when I placed my teeth together it overtime made one side of my face slightly different. It is likely that this same scenario occurred to Robin Wright.

If over the years she had decided to try some kind of jaw surgery for this issue, let her be, it has most likely made her feel insecure throughout a part of her life. I have the same issue, however it is less noticeable, so I can understand if she would have tried to get surgery, also I am 17, and it is easier for me to get this treated.

Robin Wright, her look changed dramatically when she cut her hair. Sometimes that happens with people. For me, I think she looks way better with short hair. It emphasises her beauty.

Robin Wright's Films:
1986 plays in Hollywood Vice Squad role as Lori Stanton
1987 plays in The Princess Bride role as Buttercup
1990 plays in Denial role as Sara/Loon
1990 plays in State of Grace role as Kathleen Flannery
1992 plays in The Playboys role as Tara Maguire
1992 plays in Toys role as Gwen Tyler
1994 plays in Forrest Gump role as Jenny Curran
1995 plays in The Crossing Guard role as Jojo
1996 plays in Moll Flanders role as Moll Flanders
1997 plays in Loved role as Hedda Amerson
1997 plays in She's So Lovely role as Maureen Murphy Quinn
1998 plays in Hurlyburly role as Darlene
1999 plays in Message in a Bottle role as Theresa Osborne
2000 plays in How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog role as Melanie McGowan
2000 plays in Unbreakable role as Audrey Dunn
2001 plays in The Pledge role as Lori
2001 plays in The Last Castle role as Rosalie Irwin Uncredited
2002 plays in Searching for Debra Winger role as Herself Documentary
2002 plays in White Oleander role as Starr Thomas
2003 plays in The Singing Detective role as Nicola/Nina/Blonde
2003 plays in Virgin role as Mrs. Reynolds
2004 plays in A Home at the End of the World role as Clare
2005 plays in Nine Lives role as Diana
2005 plays in Sorry, Haters role as Phoebe
2005 plays in Max role as Mother Short subject
2005 plays in Empire Falls role as Grace Roby Television film
2006 plays in Breaking and Entering role as Liv
2006 plays in Room 10 role as Frannie Short film
2007 plays in Hounddog role as Stranger Lady
2007 plays in Beowulf role as Wealthow
2008 plays in What Just Happened role as Kelly
2008 plays in New York, I Love You role as Anna
2009 plays in State of Play role as Anne Collins
2009 plays in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee role as Pippa Lee
2009 plays in A Christmas Carol role as Fan Scrooge/Belle
2010 plays in The Conspirator role as Mary Surratt
2011 plays in Moneyball role as Sharon
2011 plays in Rampart role as Linda Fentress
2011 plays in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo role as Erika Berger
2013 plays in The Congress role as Robin Wright Played herself
2013 plays in Adore role as Roz
2014 plays in A Most Wanted Man role as Martha Sullivan
2015 plays in Everest role as Peach Weathers Post-production

Robin Wright's Televisions:
1983–1984 plays in The Yellow Rose role as Barbara Anderson in 2 episodes
1984–1988 plays in Santa Barbara role as Kelly Capwell in 509 episodes
2011 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Jenny Curran in 1 episode, "Tina Fey/Ellie Goulding"
2011 plays in Enlightened role as Sandy in 2 episodes
2013–present plays in House of Cards role as Claire Underwood in 39 episodes; also directed three episodes: "Chapter 23", "Chapter 35" and "Chapter 38"

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Monday, 29 December 2014

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Miles Teller, the next big movie star?

Will Miles Teller be the next big movie star? He seems to be blowing up this year. I feel like I've seen him before somewhere.

..If Fantastic Four does well at the box office, he will be. Miles Teller, He is picking the right scripts and all of that. From what it seems, if he continues along this path, then yes. He's been very wise in his script selections, and last year he was nommed for the ee rising star award at the baftas, so I'd say that Miles is getting on up there.

Miles Teller, Whiplash

Miles Teller, Whiplash

Miles Teller, hes's Great Actor, Deserved an Oscar Nod..In the event you or your family/friends read your IMDb, thought you did a phenomenal job in Whiplash, Miles. He're a strong actor, I've enjoyed the films I've seen him in, and I look forward to his future work.

He was amazing in both the Spectacular Now and Whiplash

Miles Teller's Films:
2004 plays in Moonlighters role as Miles
2007 plays in A Very Specific Recipe role as Lee
2008 plays in The Musicians role as Miguel
2009 plays in The Unusuals role as James Boorland
2010 plays in The Track Meet role as Andrew
2010 plays in Rabbit Hole role as Jason
2011 plays in Footloose role as Willard Hewitt
2012 plays in Project X role as Himself
2013 plays in 21 & Over role as Miller
2013 plays in The Spectacular Now role as Sutter Keeley
2014 plays in That Awkward Moment role as Daniel
2014 plays in Divergent role as Peter
2014 plays in Whiplash role as Andrew Neiman
2014 plays in Two Night Stand role as Alec
2015 plays in The Divergent Series: Insurgent role as Peter
2015 plays in Fantastic Four role as Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic
2015 plays in Get a Job role as Will Davis
2015 plays in Bleed for This role as Vinny Pazienza
2016 plays in Arms and the Dudes

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Kaya Scodelario, The Maze Runner, accent and teeth?

I just finished The Maze Runner. In Needs Braces' first 'real' scene coming up in the box, I can't help but zoom into her front teeth. First thought to come to mind, "I bet she's English." I mean no offense to English folks, I've just noticed they're not so picky with. their actors' teeth.

Kaya Scodelario, The Maze Runner

Kaya Scodelario, The Maze Runner

Kaya Scodelario, She's a gorgeous girl and doesn't need to. Sure it'd be nice if her teeth were better but everyone's different. She usually portrays lower class woman anyway.

Kaya Scodelario' teeth are straight and cavity free. This is actually what teeth naturally look like. Not everybody shares the American obsession with bleaching the sh*t out of their teeth or having the perfect picket line in their mouths.

Yes everyone is different a concept that you do not understand.

btw, Kaya Scodelario needs to work on american accent, I thought watching Maze Runner "she's English" and I've never seen or heard of her before. If I can pick up on that, taking me out of the storyline and thinking about actors origins, they've failed the scene.

Just watched The Maze Runner movie and I thought she sounded like Jennifer Lawrence. Her accent's not bad and I heard bits of her English accent, compared to Emma Watson in Perks which was horrible.

Kaya Scodelario's Films:
2009 plays in Moon role as Eve
2010 plays in Clash of the Titans role as Peshet
2010 plays in Shank role as Tasha
2011 plays in Wuthering Heights role as Catherine Earnshaw
2012 plays in Now Is Good role as Zoey
2012 plays in Twenty8k role as Sally Weaver
2012 plays in Spike Island role as T-shirt Vendor
2013 plays in The Truth About Emanuel role as Emanuel
2014 plays in The Maze Runner role as Teresa Agnes
2014 plays in Tiger House role as Kelly
2014 plays in A Plea for Grimsby role as Jone's Girlfriend
2015 plays in The Moon and the Sun role as Marie-Josèphe
2015 plays in The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials role as Teresa Agnes
2017 plays in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales role as

Kaya Scodelario's Televisions:
2007–10, 2013 plays in Skins role as Effy Stonem[55] in Main role (26 episodes)
2012 plays in True Love role as Karen in 2 episodes: "Holly", "Adrian"
2013 plays in Southcliffe role as Anna in Mini-series (4 episodes)

Kaya Scodelario's Web:
2013 plays in Walking Stories role as Sara Campbell in 8 episodes

Kaya Scodelario's Music videos:
2009 plays in Stay Too Long
2010 plays in She Said
2010 plays in Old Isleworth
2010 plays in Love Goes Down
2011 plays in Writing's on the Wall
2012 plays in Candy

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Friday, 26 December 2014

Sharlto Copley, Best part of Maleficent, A-Team, Elysium..

Sharlto Copley, Best part of Maleficent, Best part of A-Team, Best part of Elysium. Seriously, this guy just steals the show in everything.

Maleficent, Sharlto Copley

Maleficent, Angelina Jolie (Actor), Sharlto Copley (Actor), Robert Stromberg (Director)

Even our view of acting talent can be subjective. I think Sharlto Copley was the saving grace of Elysium and yes, was the best part of The A-Team.

In any discussion under many actors´ profiles, there are comments like "He can´t act" with "He is one of the best actors of our generation!" next to each other. Just check Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio profiles.... I think Sharlto Copley is very good but he needs more interesting roles in indie projects instead of blockbusters where he has no real chance to work with the character. Even Open Grave, as average the movie was, proved he could be good with a properly written role.

I thought he was great as Murdock in the A Team and Elysium,I know some people thought he was awful in Maleficent and Oldboy(Have not seen that one yet),but I always enjoy watching him onscreen,Chappie looks interesting. I agree Sharlto should probably do more indie projects

Sharlto Copley's films:
2006 plays in Alive in Joburg Role as Sniper
2009 plays in District 9 Role as Wikus van der Merwe
2010 plays in The A-Team Role as Capt. H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock
2010 plays in Wikus and Charlize Role as Wikus van der Merwe
2013 plays in Elysium Role as Kruger
2013 plays in Europa Report Role as James Corrigan
2013 plays in Oldboy Role as Adrian Pryce
2013 plays in Open Grave Role as John (AKA Jonah Cooke)
2014 plays in Maleficent Role as King Stefan
2014 plays in The Snow Queen 2 Role as Orm
2015 plays in Chappie Role as Chappie
2015 plays in The Hollars Role as Ron
2015 plays in Hardcore Role as Jimmy

Sharlto Copley's Televisions:
2015 plays in Powers Role as Christian Walker


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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Crib and Double Dresser for lovely baby

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Travis Fimmel, great on Vikings

I must say that Travis Fimmel' role as Ragnar was made for him! He's very good in it, and I foresee big things coming from his participation in this series! On another note, is he married? He's awfully beautiful and humble! :) AND he's so humble! That makes him even more appealing! :)

Vikings Season 2, Travis Fimmel (Actor), Clive Standen (Actor)

Vikings Season 2, Travis Fimmel..

Agreed. He was perfectly cast and instantly likeable on screen in Vikings. Especially with that wicked, knowing grin.

Yes, I love movie/tv characters who smile while actually enraged inside. It's a very intimidating expression. It says ' I want to kill you and I am totally confident I can'. And ' I am so in control of my rage that I can choose when to kill you'.

The other expression I like is 'dead eyes', like Anton Sugar in No Country For Old Men. It says ' I can kill you and go for dinner right after'.

Travis Fimmel, He is incredibly talented

I agree! Travis Fimmel is doing a fantastic job with his character. It was because of him that I continued to watch the show out of curiosity. Next thing I know, I did not want to miss an episode! Can't wait for Season's such a long time from now!

Keep up the great work Travis! I am now a fan!

Travis Fimmel in Vikings is really good as Ragnar. Things should get better for him.

Is he married? Anyone knows? Don't think he is right now.

He's not married.

I think Travis Fimmel's doing a superb job on Vikings, too. I have every episode on my dvr right now- and can't wait for next season. I love this series because of him, and what he brings to it. Sure, he has the great eyes, but he's also kinda scary, like, a cold-blooded killer, which is confusing because he's a hottie. He's the true embodiment of a "Viking".

agreed he is made for Ragnar's role, and I think everyone's acting in Vikings is superior

Travis Fimmel's Feature films:
2016 plays in Warcraft role as Anduin Lothar
2015 plays in Maggie's Plan
2012 plays in The Baytown Outlaws role as McQueen Oodie
2012 plays in Harodim role as Lazarus Fell
2011 plays in Supremacy role as Garrett Tully
2010 plays in Pure Country 2: The Gift role as Dale Jordan
2010 plays in Needle role as Marcus Rutherford
2010 plays in Ivory role as Jake
2008 plays in Surfer, Dude role as Johnny Doran
2008 plays in Restraint role as Ron

Travis Fimmel's TV series:
2013 plays in Vikings role as Ragnar Lothbrok in 2013-present
2012 plays in Outlaw Country role as Feron in TV Movie
2012 plays in BlackBoxTV role as Ted
2010 plays in Chase role as Mason Boyle
2010 plays in The Experiment role as Helweg
2009 plays in The Beast role as Ellis Dove / Carlson
2006 plays in Southern Comfort role as Bobby in TV Movie
2005 plays in Rocky Point role as Taj Walters
2003 plays in Tarzan role as John Clayton / Tarzan

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Melissa Benoist and Blake Lively?

Melissa Benoist' A Down to earth version of Blake Lively. Might better actress than Blake as well. totally, cant stop thinking that whenever i see her they look so much alike

Melissa Benoist, Whiplash

Melissa Benoist, Whiplash

i'm glad that i'm not the only one who sees the resemblance! they look alike and even sound alike, though i much prefer melissa to blake any day of the week.

She looks JUST like Blake Lively! I remember I always use to think that whenever I saw her Clean and Clear commercial. Except she looks like Blake Lively if Blake Lively was positively stunning, sweet, level-headed, seriously likable and with considerable more talent.

Blake wishes she was all those things. Her acting is atrocious and boils down to her pouting and lisping, she isn't even remotely as beautiful as Melissa Benoist (she's okay at best) and she comes across like a total cow.

Melissa Benoist' Films:
2008 plays in Tennessee role as Laurel Michaels - age 18
2014 plays in Whiplash role as Nicole
2015 plays in Danny Collins role as Jamie
2015 plays in The Longest Ride role as Marcia
2015 plays in Billy Boy role as Jennifer

Melissa Benoist' Television:
2010 plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent role as Jessalyn Kerr in Episode: "Delicate"
2010 plays in Blue Bloods role as Renee in Episode: "Privilege"
2010 plays in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit role as Ava in Episode: "Wet"
2010 plays in The Good Wife role as Molly in Episode: "Nine Hours"
2011 plays in Homeland role as Stacy Moore in 2 episodes
2012–14 plays in Glee role as Marley Rose in Season 4 – RecurringSeason 5 – Main Cast
2013 plays in MasterChef role as Herself in Season 4: Episode 10
2015 plays in Supergirl role as Kara Zor-El / Supergirl in Lead role, upcoming

Melissa Benoist' Theatre:
2000 plays in The Sound of Music role as Little Brigitta in Littleton Town Hall Arts Center production
2006 plays in Bye Bye Birdie role as Kim McAfee in Littleton Town Hall Arts Center production
2006 plays in A Month in the Country role as Vera in Littleton Town Hall Arts Center production
2006 plays in A Chorus Line role as Bebe in Littleton Town Hall Arts Center production
2007 plays in Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella role as Cinderella in Littleton Town Hall Arts Center production
2007 plays in Footloose role as Ariel in Littleton Town Hall Arts Center production
2007 plays in Evita role as Peron's young mistress in Country Dinner Playhouse's final production
2009 plays in Thoroughly Modern Millie role as Millie Dilmount in Marymount Manhattan College production
2009 plays in As You Like It role as Rosalind in Marymount Manhattan College production
2011 plays in The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown role as Kelly in Goodspeed Musical production

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kristen Schaal, Great voice actor

I have been seeing (or rather, hearing) Kristen Schaal in a lot of things lately and I think she is hilarious. Her voice and comedic timing is awesome and she make me laugh so hard. I love her character on "Bob's Burgers". Louise, the ****-disturber. She has a great face for voice acting.

Kristen Schaal, Bob's Burgers: Season 3

Kristen Schaal, Bob's Burgers: Season 3...

It's got to be an affectation. Kristen Schaal, She probably started doing it to stand out from the crowd, and because it plays into her comedy where she acts a bit nuts. My intuition is that every actress who has a 'candy voice' is generating it artificially. With an actress like Marilyn Monroe, it might be calculated to sound young, like a child, which is supposed to be sexy, or empty-headed, which is supposed to be non-threatening to men, or breathless (also sexy). To me, I just find such voices annoying.

In the Lego Movie, Sarah Silverman puts on such a voice, but her character is a cartoon teenage girl. To use the voice both in roles and in interviews in real life would be too much.

I could be wrong. I did hear Kristen Schaal imply on a podcast that her voice is real, but I have only once ever encountered something like that in real life. I did once know a woman whose natural voice was a nasal whine. She was a graduate student in my department, around age 30, of South Asian heritage, and she once gave a 30-minute speech in the same tone. It was an impossible time.

Kristen Schaal's Film and television:
2001 plays in Kate & Leopold role as Miss Tree Film debut
2001–2002 plays in The Education of Max Bickford role as Valerie Holmes in 3 episodes
2004 plays in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit role as Abby Episode: "Brotherhood"
2004 plays in Poster Boy role as Bookstore Lady #14
2005 plays in Adam & Steve role as Ruth
2005 plays in Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker role as Emily in Episode: "Dog Show/World Beard and Mustache Championship"
2006 plays in Conviction role as Allie Rubinoff in Episode: "Madness"
2006 plays in Delirious role as Joelle
2006 plays in Ugly Betty role as Nancy in Episode: "Pilot"
2006 plays in Six Degrees role as Gail in 2 episodes
2006 plays in Freak Show role as Various in Voice, 7 episodes
2007 plays in Scott Bateman Presents role as Earth's New Robot Overlord, Trixie Tangway , Voice, 2 episodes in
2007 plays in Norbit role as Event Organizer
2007 plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent role as Alana Binder in Episode: "30"
2007 plays in Human Giant role as Girl in Doritos Commercial in Episode: "Lil 9-11"
2007 plays in Mad Men role as Nannette in Episode: "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
2007 plays in How I Met Your Mother role as Laura Girard in Episode: "The Platinum Rule"
2007–2009 plays in Flight of the Conchords role as Mel in 21 episodes
2008 plays in Aqua Teen Hunger Force role as Tammy Tangerine (voice) in As Frannie Hood, Episode: "Bible Fruit"
2008 plays in The Whitest Kids U'Know role as Homeless Woman in Episode: "2.9"
2008 plays in Never Mind The Buzzcocks role as Herself in Series 21, Episode 4
2009 plays in Xavier: Renegade Angel role as Frantic Spectator / Old Ryan's Wife (voice) in Episode: "Going Normal"
2009 plays in Comedy Central Presents role as Herself in Season 13, Episode 24
2009 plays in Snake 'n' Bacon role as The Green Fairy in TV movie
2009 plays in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard role as Stewardess Stacey
2009 plays in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant role as Gertha Teeth
2009 plays in Comedy Showcase role as Tourist in Episode: "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret"
2010 plays in Modern Family role as Whitney in Episode: "Fifteen Percent"
2010 plays in When in Rome role as Ilona
2010 plays in Valentine's Day role as Ms. Gilroy
2010 plays in Comedy Lab role as Penelope in Episode: "Penelope Princess of Pets"
2010 plays in Shrek Forever After role as Pumpkin/ Palace Witch
2010 plays in Get Him to the Greek role as Today Show Production Assistant
2010 plays in Toy Story 3 role as Trixie
2010 plays in Dinner for Schmucks role as Susana
2010 plays in Going the Distance role as Female Bartender
2010 plays in Fact Checkers Unit role as Paula in Episode: "One Groundhog Day Dog"
2010 plays in WordGirl role as Victoria Best (voice) in Episode: "Victoria Is the Best ... WordGirl?"
2010 plays in Scared Shrekless role as Sugar the Gingerbread Girl
2011 plays in Butter role as Carol Ann
2011 plays in The Simpsons role as Taffy in Voice, Episode: "Homer Scissorhands"; credited as "Kristen Schall"
2011 plays in The Penguins of Madagascar role as Muffy, Bluffy, and Fluffy the bunny rabbits in Voice, Episode: "Operation: Neighbor Swap"
2011 plays in Hawaiian Vacation role as Trixie in Voice
2011 plays in Soul Quest Overdrive role as Tammy in Voice
2011 plays in The Muppets role as Moderator in
2011 plays in The Heart, She Holler role as Hershe Heartshe in 6 episodes
2011–2012 plays in American Dad! role as Librarian / Girl in Voice, 2 episodes
2011–present plays in Bob's Burgers role as Louise Belcher in Voice, Series regular
2012 plays in Sleepwalk with Me role as Cynthia
2012–2013 plays in 30 Rock role as Hazel Wassername in 11 episodes
2012–2014 plays in Adventure Time role as Jake Jr. in Voice, 4 episodes
2012–present plays in Gravity Falls role as Mabel Pines in Voice, Series regular
2013 plays in Archer role as Tiffy in Voice, 2 episodes
2013 plays in Despicable Me 2 role as Shannon in Voice
2013 plays in Never Mind the Buzzcocks role as Herself in Series 27, Episode 5
2013 plays in Wilfred role as Anne in 4 episodes
2013 plays in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 role as Barb in Voice
2013 plays in NTSF:SD:SUV:: role as Deborah in Episode: "Trading Faces"
2013 plays in Toy Story of Terror role as Trixie in Voice
2013 plays in The Big Fat Quiz of the Year role as Herself in Panelist
2013 plays in Welcome to the Jungle role as Brenda
2013 plays in @Midnight role as Herself in Season 1 Episode 5
2014 plays in The Hotwives of Orlando role as Amanda Simmons in Series regular
2014 plays in BoJack Horseman role as Sarah Lynn in Netflix Series
2014 plays in Glee role as Mary Halloran in Episode: The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
2014 plays in Toy Story That Time Forgot role as Trixie in Voice
2015 plays in A Walk in the Woods role as
2015 plays in Last Man on Earth role as Carol Pilbasian

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything, BRILLIANT.

Eddie Redmayne, One word......BRILLIANT! I'm halfway through 'The Theory of Everything' and I had to rush through to say he was just brilliant in the movie. OMG are you kidding? Where has he been all this time? My favorite performance in quite some time. I'm sooo tired of seeing overrated and overacted performances win year after years that I don't even care who wins the Oscar, he sooo deserves it and he will be my winner this year..

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

I thought Eddie Redmayne was incredibly underrated in Les Miserables as well! Everyone was raving about Anne Hathaway, who, don't get me wrong, I thought was really fantastic as well, but Eddie almost impressed me even more because Marius isn't generally a character I typically really come to care about in Les Mis. It's not that he's a flat out unlikeable character really, he was just never all that memorable to me in comparison to so many other wonderful characters in the story. But Eddie made me care about the character of Marius so much, and his Empty Chairs at Empty Tables gutted me, in its own way, maybe even more than Anne's I Dreamed a Dream did.

So yeah, I'm happy Eddie Redmayne is getting all this well deserved recognition! He really was amazing in Theory of Everything. And the project he has coming up this year, The Danish Girl, also sounds really intriguing and like it should be another brilliant performance on his part, so he's definitely one of my favorite actors right now that I'll be making sure to follow as his career takes off from here

Never noticed him before in any of his movies The Theory of Everything. I was surprised, almost shocked at how easily he transformed into the character. Most actors would do over acting and typical mannerism to play this role. The most deserving winner of the night.

Eddie Redmayne's Films:
2006 plays in Like Minds role as Alex Forbes
2006 plays in The Good Shepherd role as Edward Wilson Jr.
2007 plays in Savage Grace role as Antony Baekeland
2007 plays in Elizabeth: The Golden Age role as Anthony Babington
2008 plays in The Yellow Handkerchief role as Gordy
2008 plays in The Other Boleyn Girl role as William Stafford
2009 plays in Powder Blue role as Qwerty Doolittle
2009 plays in Glorious 39 role as Ralph Keyes
2010 plays in Black Death role as Osmund
2011 plays in Hick role as Eddie Kreezer
2011 plays in My Week with Marilyn role as Colin Clark
2012 plays in Les Misérables role as Marius Pontmercy
2014 plays in The Theory of Everything role as Stephen Hawking
2015 plays in Jupiter Ascending role as Balem Abrasax
2015 plays in Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure role as Ryan (voice; UK/US)
2016 plays in The Danish Girl role as Lili Elbe

Eddie Redmayne's Television:
1998 plays in Animal Ark role as John Hardy in Episode: "Bunnies in the Bathroom"
2003 plays in Doctors role as Rob Huntley in Episode: "Crescendo"
2005 plays in Elizabeth I role as The Earl of Southampton in Episode: "Southampton"
2008 plays in Tess of the d'Urbervilles role as Angel Clare in 4 episodes
2010 plays in The Pillars of the Earth role as Jack Jackson in 8 episodes
2012 plays in Birdsong role as Stephen Wraysford in 4 episodes

Eddie Redmayne's Stage:
1992–1993 plays in Oliver! role as Workhouse Boy #46 in West End
2002 plays in Twelfth Night role as Viola in Shakespeare's Globe
2003 plays in Master Harold...and the Boys role as Master Harold in Everyman Theatre
2004 plays in The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? role as Billy in Almeida Theatre
2004 plays in Hecuba role as Polydorus in Donmar Warehouse
2007 plays in Now or Later role as John Jr. in Royal Court Theatre
2009–2010 plays in Red role as Ken in Donmar Warehouse/John Golden Theatre
2011–2012 plays in Richard II role as King Richard II in Donmar Warehouse

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Chris Hemsworth,Thor: The Dark World..

Chris Hemsworth, 2015 Can't get here fast that I can see more of Chris. Wonder what look he's going to be sporting. He has such a versatile look and has grown so much in his career and family life these past 2 years. Here's to many more years to seeing this wonderful man on the big screen.

Just hope he gets a lot of support from his fans to show all the Chris hatters that he is very bankable on his own. Wow I do like this look.

Chris Hemsworth. Thor: The Dark World

Chris Hemsworth. Thor: The Dark World

It really can't. He has done some public appearances like Comic Con and the Oscars, but it doesn't feel like it is enough. Next year will be huge for him and a feast for his fans...but that feels so far away. [[sad]]

Oh, and I hope Chris Hemsworth. Thor: The Dark World continues to sport this: [[yes]]

There are few things as fetching as a bruised ego on a beautiful angel. [[angel]]

Chris Hemsworth's Films:
2009 plays in Star Trek role as George Kirk Film debut
2009 plays in A Perfect Getaway role as Kale
2010 plays in Ca$h role as Sam Phelan
2010 plays in Ollie Klublershturf vs the Nazis[30] role as Chad
2011 plays in Thor role as Thor
2012 plays in The Cabin in the Woods role as Curt Vaughan
2012 plays in The Avengers role as Thor
2012 plays in Snow White and the Huntsman role as Eric, the Huntsman
2012 plays in Red Dawn role as Jed Eckert Based on the 1984 film of the same name
2013 plays in Star Trek Into Darkness role as George Kirk (voice) Archive footage from Star Trek
2013 plays in Rush role as James Hunt
2013 plays in Thor: The Dark World role as Thor
2015 plays in Blackhat role as Nicholas Hathaway
2015 plays in In the Heart of the Sea role as Owen Chase
2015 plays in Avengers: Age of Ultron role as Thor
2015 plays in Vacation role as Stone Crandall

Chris Hemsworth's Television:
2002 plays in Guinevere Jones role as King Arthur in 2 episodes
2002 plays in Neighbours role as Jamie Kane in Episode 1.4069
2002 plays in Marshall Law role as The Kid in Episode: "Domestic Bliss"
2003 plays in The Saddle Club role as The New Vet in Episode: "Tenderfoot"
2004 plays in Fergus McPhail role as Craig in Episode: "In a Jam"
2004–07 plays in Home and Away role as Kim Hyde in 185 episodes
2006 plays in Dancing with the Stars role as Himself in Contestant
2015 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Host in Episode: "Chris Hemsworth/Zac Brown Band"

Chris Hemsworth's Video games:
2011 plays in Thor: God of Thunder role as Thor

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Theo James, Hot?

Theo James.. is he hot?

Yes, Theo James is hot.
Not everyone is gonna agree with you, not everyone is gonna agree with me either if I say he's hot

He's gorgeous, cute, sexy, and--yes--hot. I know this because he made a joke about blood being in his poop on the David Letterman show, and jokes or acts of defecation/flatulence have always been a HUGE turn off for me----and yet I still find myself attracted to him which is weird. Normally I lose all interest in a guy when he 'goes there' and does and says disgusting things like that. So if I'm still attracted to Theo after that then he must be pretty me at least.

His whole leadership role was to mold these naive kids. They were totally new to the concept of "faction over blood". He had to be stoical and strict. Plus, I would imagine that, other than the hippie farmers, everyone had to be super focused/serious to succeed.

His performance was perfect.

Theo James. Divergent

Theo James. Divergent..

No, Theo James is not hot
In fact, he looks a little weird in the movie, plus his acting is a little wooden, kinda like the modern day Keanu Reeves. Shailene Woodley sucked in the movie either, overall Divergent as a movie failed as a whole, even worse than the Hunger Games.

I don't think he looks hot at all. He sort of looks like he has brain damage or some other mental disorder.

Theo James' Film:
2010 plays in You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger role as Ray
2011 plays in The Inbetweeners Movie role as James
2012 plays in Underworld: Awakening role as David
2012 plays in The Domino Effect role as Dinner Party guest
2014 plays in Divergent role as Tobias "Four" Eaton
2015 plays in The Divergent Series: Insurgent role as Tobias "Four" Eaton
2015 plays in Franny role as Luke
2015 plays in London Fields role as Guy Clinch

Theo James' Television:
2010 plays in A Passionate Woman role as Alex "Craze" Crazenovski
2010 plays in Downton Abbey role as Kemal Pamuk in 1 episode
2011 plays in Bedlam role as Jed Harper in 6 episodes
2012 plays in Case Sensitive role as Aidan Harper in 2 episodes
2012 plays in Room at the Top role as Jack Wales in 2 episodes
2013 plays in Golden Boy role as Walter William Clark, Jr. , Lead role

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Bella Thorne, overconfident?

Is Bella Thorne' way too overconfident?

No, Bella Thorne is not too overconfident.
She's just really outgoing and there's nothing wrong with that. Of course she's confident. You kinda need that to succeed in that business. She's talented and obviously casting directors disagree with you.

She seems to usually savor the limelight and enjoys the attention. I think that yes she is outgoing and soaks up positive energy from her surroundings. That might rub some people the wrong way. However appearances can be deceiving. For example in interviews she is always sweet, polite, genuine, and the opposite of self-centered.

Bella Thorne, Shake It Up: Mix It Up, Laugh It Up

Bella Thorne, Shake It Up: Mix It Up, Laugh It Up

Yes, Bella Thorne is too overconfident.
she is the most annoying person I've ever seen on tv. she projects way, way too much overconfidence and yet she's not very pretty. like get your chin out of the air and stop posing! she also is a horrible actress..I was cringing at the way she delivered her lines. she shouldn't be in hollywood but got there because of her overconfidence obviously

Bella Thorne's Films:
2003 plays inStuck on You role as MC Sideline
2007 plays inCraw Lake role as Julia
2007 plays inFinishing the Game role as Sue
2007 plays inBlind Ambition role as Annabella
2007 plays inThe Seer role as Claire Sue (Young)
2009 plays inWater Pills role as Psych Out Girl
2009 plays inForget Me Not role as Angela Smith (Young)
2010 plays inOne Wish role as The Messenger
2010 plays inRaspberry Magic role as Sarah Patterson
2012 plays inFrenemies role as Avalon Greene
2012 plays inZendaya: Behind the Scenes role as Herself
2014 plays inBlended role as Hilary "Larry" Friedman
2014 plays inAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day role as Celia Rodriguez
2014 plays inMostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? role as Cammy Cahill
2015 plays inThe Duff role as Madison Carter
2015 plays inUnderdogs role as Laura (Young)
2015 plays inAmityville: The Awakening role as Belle Jones
2015 plays inBig Sky role as Hazel
2015 plays inHome Invasion[44] role as Jamie
2015 plays inThe Snow Queen: The Snow King role as Gerda
2015 plays inPerfect High: The Movie role as Amanda

Bella Thorne's Television:
2006 plays inEntourage role as Kid in I Wanna Be Sedated (Season 3: episode 10)
2007 plays inThe O.C. role as Young Taylor Townsend in The Case of the Franks (Season 4: episode 13)
2007–08 plays inDirty Sexy Money role as Margaux Darling in Recurring role (Season 2)
2008 plays inOctober Road role as Angela Ferilli in Stand Alone by Me (Season 2: episode 11)
2008 plays inMy Own Worst Enemy role as Ruthy Spivey in Main role
2009 plays inIn the Motherhood role as Annie in Practice What You Preach (Season 2: episode 11)
2009 plays inMental role as Emily in Pilot (Season 1: episode 1)
2010 plays inBig Love role as Tancy "Teenie" Henrickson in Recurring role (Season 4)
2010 plays inWizards of Waverly Place role as Nancy Lukey in Max's Secret Girlfriend (Season 3: episode 19)
2010–13 plays inShake It Up role as CeCe Jones , Lead role
2011 plays inGood Luck Charlie role as Charlie Shakes It Up (Season 2: episode 13)
2011 plays inPrankStars role as Herself in Adventures in Dogsitting (Season 1: episode 5)
2014 plays inPhineas and Ferb role as Brigitte in Voice; "Night of the Living Pharmacists " (Season 4: episode 30)
2014 plays inCSI: Crime Scene Investigation role as Hannah Hunt in The Book of Shadows (Season 15: Episode 4)
2014 plays inRed Band Society role as Delaney Shaw in How Did We Get Here? (Season 1: episode 09), What I Did For Love (Season 1: episode 10)
2015 plays inK.C. Undercover role as Bayle in Spy-Anoia Will Destroy Ya (Season 1: episode 5)
2015 plays inScream role as Nina Patterson in Red Roses (Season 1: episode 1)
2015 plays inFamous in Love role as Paige , Lead role;

Bella Thorne's Web:
2009 plays inLittle Monk role as Wendy Main role; Web-series
2010 plays inMy Day. My Life role as Herself Documentary at Teen website

Bella Thorne's Video games:
2006 plays inThe Ant Bully role as Ant Kid

Bella Thorne's Stage
2015 plays inAlice in Wonderland Alice March 12–May 3

Bella Thorne's Extended plays
Made in Japan (2012)
Jersey (2014)

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Anna Kendrick, attractive to you?

What makes Anna Kendrick attractive to you?

As A Man
..Anna Kendrick, She's not the prettiest actor in Hollywood, but man she just has this confidence and this sensuality that is incredibly attractive. It's more about the way she talks and acts and her personality in general.

..100% it's Anna Kendrick's personality. which is great for her, because looks fade in everyone in time. but Anna will always be special because she's interesting and different.

..Anna Kendrick, she is GORGEOUS. It is her teeth, they are so white and perfect and I am guy and am supper jelous because my teeth are gross.

.. Anna Kendrick, Her girl next door image, her boobs, and her easy going attitude.
She's cute overall!

..I just love her.

Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect

Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect

As a Woman
Anna Kendrick, she is attractive because of her personality. She is smart , witty, confident, seems nice. And she has a wonderful voice. The fact that she is beautiful and not in a cookie-cutter way helps too, I imagine.

..Anna Kendrick, So many great things about Anna.. She has great personality. She is beautiful. She acts great in every movie she has starred in. She has a great voice for singing, I wish she could record a album.

Anna Kendrick's Films:
2003 plays in Camp role as Fritzi Wagner
2007 plays in Rocket Science role as Ginny Ryerson
2008 plays in Twilight role as Jessica Stanley
2009 plays in Elsewhere role as Sarah
2009 plays in The Marc Pease Experience role as Meg Brickman
2009 plays in The Twilight Saga: New Moon role as Jessica Stanley
2009 plays in Up in the Air role as Natalie Keener
2010 plays in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse role as Jessica Stanley
2010 plays in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World role as Stacey Pilgrim
2011 plays in 50/50 role as Katherine McKay
2011 plays in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 role as Jessica Stanley
2012 plays in What to Expect When You're Expecting role as Rosie Brennan
2012 plays in ParaNorman role as Courtney Babcock (voice)
2012 plays in End of Watch role as Janet
2012 plays in Pitch Perfect role as Beca Mitchell
2012 plays in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 role as Jessica Stanley Credits only
2012 plays in The Company You Keep role as Diana
2013 plays in Drinking Buddies role as Jill
2013 plays in Rapture-Palooza role as Lindsey Lewis
2014 plays in Happy Christmas role as Jenny
2014 plays in Life After Beth role as Erica Wexler
2014 plays in Into the Woods role as Cinderella
2015 plays in Cake role as Nina
2015 plays in The Voices role as Lisa
2015 plays in The Last 5 Years role as Cathy Hiatt
2015 plays in Pitch Perfect 2 role as Beca Mitchell
2015 plays in The Hollars role as Rebecca
2015 plays in Get a Job role as Jillian Stewart
2015 plays in Digging for Fire
2015 plays in Mr. Right role as Martha
2016 plays in The Accountant

Anna Kendrick's Television:
2003 plays in The Mayor role as Sadie Winterhalter in Movie
2007 plays in Viva Laughlin role as Holly in Episode: "What a Whale Wants"
2009 plays in Fear Itself role as Shelby in Episode: "The Spirit Box"
2012 plays in Family Guy role as Nora (voice) in Episode: "Internal Affairs"
2013 plays in Comedy Bang! Bang! role as Herself in Episode: "Anna Kendrick Wears A Patterned Blouse & Burgundy Pants"
2014 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Herself (host) in Episode: "Anna Kendrick/Pharrell Williams"

Anna Kendrick's Theatre:
1998 plays in High Society role as Dinah Lord in St. James Theatre
2003 plays in A Little Night Music role as Fredrika Armfeldt in New York City Opera

Anna Kendrick's Music videos:
2010 Pow Pow role as LCD Soundsystem
2012 Do it Anyway role as Ben Folds Five
2013 Cups (When I'm Gone) role as Herself

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Thora Birch, New manager?

Did Thora Birch ever fire her dad and get a new manager? Petunia was produced by her Dad, so the leads were all gay characters and not worthy of her. And her parents are turning her into a tuned out pot head. Her dad produced Petunia so she thinks he might make films she wants since..they're rumored to be intimate.

Thora Birch, she does get a new manager, she deserves more roles for her acting capabilities. before she is type-cast or un-hireable. In January she said she was looking for one, but I don't know if she has found one yet.

Thora Birch, American Beauty

Thora Birch, American Beauty

Thora Birch hasn't been hired for a film in years. Her lunatic father ruined her career. The best she can hope for is the lowest of the low B grade films and it appears that she can no longer even get that kind of work. She should think about going into some other line of work. It's not that she wasn't talented enough or beautiful enough to be a big star. It's because of her lunatic father who caused her to become black listed. She also should have been strong willed enough to cut him loose. We all have to cut negative people out of our lives at some point-even family members who we love. She is also to blame for what he did to her career.

Thora Birch's Films:
1988 plays in Purple People Eater role as Molly Johnson
1991 plays in Paradise role as Billie Pike
1991 plays in All I Want for Christmas role as Hallie O'Fallon
1992 plays in Patriot Games role as Sally Ryan
1992 plays in Itsy Bitsy Spider role as Leslie McGroarty (voice)
1993 plays in Hocus Pocus role as Dani Dennison
1994 plays in Monkey Trouble role as Eva Gregory
1994 plays in Clear and Present Danger role as Sally Ryan
1995 plays in Now and Then role as Tina "Teeny" Tercell
1996 plays in Alaska role as Jessie Barnes
1999 plays in American Beauty role as Jane Burnham
1999 plays in Anywhere but Here role as Mary
2000 plays in The Smokers role as Lincoln Roth
2000 plays in Dungeons & Dragons role as Empress Savina
2001 plays in The Hole role as Elizabeth "Liz" Dunn
2001 plays in Ghost World role as Enid
2004 plays in Silver City role as Karen Cross
2004 plays in The Dot role as Narrator (voice)
2005 plays in Slingshot role as April
2006 plays in Dark Corners role as Susan Hamilton / Karen Clarke
2008 plays in Train role as Alexandra "Alex" Roper
2009 plays in Winter of Frozen Dreams role as Barbara Hoffman
2009 plays in Deadline role as Lucy Woods
2012 plays in Petunia role as Vivian Petunia

Thora Birch's Televisions:
1988–1989 plays in Day by Day role as Molly in Recurring role (21 episodes)
1989 plays in Doogie Howser, M.D. role as Megan in Episode: "Vinnie Video Vici"
1990 plays in Dark Avenger role as Susie Donovan in Movie
1990 plays in Married People role as Emily in Episode: "To Live and Drive in New York"
1990–1991 plays in Parenthood role as Taylor Buckman in Main role (12 episodes)
1991 plays in Amen role as Brittany in Episode: "Nothing Says Lovin'..."
1994 plays in Monty role as Ann Sherman in Episode: "Here Comes the Son"
1995 plays in The Outer Limits role as Aggie Travers in Episode: "The Choice"
1997 plays in Promised Land role as Allison Rhodes in Episode: "Running Scared"
1997 plays in Touched by an Angel role as Erin in Episode: "The Pact"
1999 plays in Night Ride Home role as Clea Mahler in Movie
2002 plays in Night Visions role as Susan Thornhill in Episode: "The Maze"
2003 plays in Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story role as Elizabeth "Liz" Murray in Movie
2005 plays in My Life as a Teenage Robot role as Vega (voice) in Episode: "Escape from Cluster Prime"
2010 plays in The Pregnancy Pact role as Sidney Bloom in Movie

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Aidan Turner, fr LOTR to Hobbit movie

Why Isn't Aidan Turner Getting the Attention Orlando Got back in LOTR? Why is the publicity of this stunning young man no where near that of what Orlando Bloom had back when he exploded from LOTR? He was everywhere, the teen magazines, the MTV awards, behind the scenes and whatnot. Aidan Turner should have been the Hobbit's version of Orlando, but nothing came of it. I know girls are liking him, I've seen the youtube videos put up of Kili, but did Peter Jackson or WB drop the ball with Turner?


Although The Hobbit hasn't had the same impact LOTR did when it came out. We're used to being in that world now and it's not new. Maybe it's because Aidan Turner is a dwarf in it too. Short arse men. The teenage girls can't have their romantic day dreams about a dwarf but I guess they could with an elf. Load of rubbish. Kili before Legolas!

Aidan Turner, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Aidan Turner, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Aidan Turner's going to have more staying power. He has a really great role coming up (Poldark) in which word is already coming back from press about his charismatic turn in the lead role. He's got a bright future ahead of him... Whereas Orlando's has always been a bit of a joke.

I'd argue that much of the Hobbit fandom has gone to Lee Pace - who already had a burgeoning legion of fans due to Pushing Daisies and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Also it's not PJ's job to rustle up publicity for his actors, but I'd imagine that WB did their part and perhaps chose not to push any one actor out of the very large ensemble. It seems they let the collective shine, rather than individuals. That's kinda always been the way the Middle Earth universe films have been publicized.

For all we know Aidan Turner will go on to make even bigger films than The Hobbit. There's nothing stopping him from being a big star and he's still young.

And obviously very good looking!

I agree with the person who said that much of the publicity is going to Lee Pace (Thranduil). But I'd also like to add that Aidan Turner probably isn't getting the same praise as Orlando in LOTR because Legolas is in the Hobbit also and - once again - he has stolen the limelight. I never got the big deal with Orlando Bloom...but I guess some chicks still fawn over him. I will admit that it was tough one between Kili and Thranduil for me ;D

You have to remember that Orlando was very young when LOTR first came out. Possibly still in his teens or at least early 20's. Aidan Turner, on the other hand, is in his 30's, probably making him 'too old' to market to the teen set. I have seen a lot of love for him from non-teen females. And I do remember when the first Hobbit movie came out there was a lot of talk about the "hot dwarf". But I saw a lot more comparisons between Kili and Aragorn than Kili and Legolas (despite the bow).

Not that good looking and the Hobbit basically was being repeated with the special effects.

Like you cant do the same magic tricks well thats what the Hobbit was about.

Jackson should have done the Hobbit first then the Lord of the rings

But if he hadn't left we wouldn't have had the gorgeous Damien Molony as Hal in BH, and Aidan wouldn't have made The Hobbit which probably helped with the casting of Poldark.

Aidan Turner is getting all kinds of attention as Poldark. He is one of the fan favorites from The Hobbit films even with the terribly sad ending. I cannot wait to see what he does next. Loved him in Being Human the UK version that is.

Aidan Turner's Film:
2007 plays in The Sound of People role as Father
2007 plays in Matterhorn role as Theodoro
2007 plays in Porcelain role as Kevin
2008 plays in Alarm role as Mal
2012 plays in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey role as Kíli
2013 plays in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones role as Luke Garroway
2013 plays in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug role as Kíli
2014 plays in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies role as
2015 plays in The Secret Scripture role as TBA

Aidan Turner's Television:
2007 plays in The Tudors role as Bedoli in Episode: "In Cold Blood"
2008–2009 plays in The Clinic role as Ruairí McGowan in 18 episodes
2009 plays in Desperate Romantics role as Dante Gabriel Rossetti in 6 episodes
2009–2011 plays in Being Human role as John Mitchell in 22 episodes
2010 plays in Resonance role as TT in Pilot
2011 plays in Hattie role as John Schofield in TV movie
2015 plays in Poldark role as Ross Poldark in TV series

Aidan Turner's Theatre:
2005 plays in The Plough and the Stars role as Corp. Stoddard in Barbican Theatre London, United Kingdom
2005 plays in Suddenly Last Summer in Focus Theatre Dublin, Ireland
2005 plays in A Cry from Heaven role as Ardan in Abbey Theatre Dublin, Ireland
2005 plays in Yokohama Delegation role as Hercules in Kilkenny Arts Ferstival Kilkenny, Ireland
2005 plays in Titus Andronicus role as Demetrius in Project Arts Theatre Dublin, Ireland
2006 plays in The Crock of Gold role as Pan in Olympia Theatre On tour ; Dublin, Ireland On tour
2006–2007 plays in Drive-by in Cork Mid-Summer Festival in Cork, Ireland; Dublin Fringe Festival 2006 in Dublin, Ireland; Cantebury Arts Festival 2007 in Cantebury, United Kingdom
2007 plays in La Marea in Bedrock Theatre Co/DTF Dublin, Ireland
2007 plays in Cyrano role as Christian in Project Arts Centre Dublin, Ireland
2008 plays in Romeo And Juliet role as Paris in Abbey Theatre Dublin, Ireland

Portable Griddler 5 in 1

Portable Griddler, 5-in-1, it says that countertop unit can works as

1. a contact grill, that is an electric counter appliance that gives you more cooking options than a basic grill, while saving cooking time. You can get dinner to the table faster if you are using a contact grill, rather than a basic grill.

2. panini press, usually has a temperature control on the outside, and the weight of the lid is enough to gently press the sandwich to perfection.

3. full grill,

4. full griddle, and

5. half grill/half griddle

Important note: Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

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Monday, 15 December 2014

January Jones, not spectacular, but hardly working

January Jones, Looks really hot on The Last Man On Earth. She gets a lot of negative sh*t about her looks online, and I didnt much care for her on Mad Men. But on this new show she looks totally hot. Sexy, easy going, fun, with gorgeous blonde hair. At least the character on the show. If shes anything like this in real life (I have no idea, havent googled her), she would make for an amazing girlfriend.

January Jones' Sweetwater

January Jones' Sweetwater

I have only seen January Jones in a couple of things, but she worked just fine in Mad Men and X-Men. As for Unknown, well that movie was crap, and I have a hard time seeing anyone shining in that role. Even Liam Neeson stunk to high heaven in that garbage.

January Jones, She might not be the best actress to ever set foot on this planet, but she's hardly the stinking piece of cow dung that people describe like on this board. Judging from the hate in some of the comments it seems like she murdered and raped a bunch of school children.

January Jones' Films:
1999 plays in All the Rage role as Janice Taylor
2001 plays in The Glass House role as Girl
2001 plays in Bandits role as Claire / Pink Boots
2002 plays in Taboo role as Elizabeth
2002 plays in Full Frontal role as Tracy
2003 plays in Anger Management role as Gina
2003 plays in American Wedding role as Cadence Flaherty
2003 plays in Love Actually role as Jeannie
2004 plays in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights role as Eve
2005 plays in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada role as Lou Ann Norton
2006 plays in Swedish Auto role as Darla
2006 plays in We Are Marshall role as Carole Dawson
2009 plays in The Boat That Rocked role as Elenore, AKA, Pirate Radio
2011 plays in Unknown role as Elizabeth Harris
2011 plays in X-Men: First Class role as Emma Frost
2011 plays in Seeking Justice role as Laura Gerard
2013 plays in Sweetwater role as Sarah Ramírez
2014 plays in Good Kill role as Molly Egan

January Jones' Televisions:
1999 plays in Get Real role as Jane Cohen, Episode: "Pilot"
1999 plays in Sorority role as Number One, TV film
2002 plays in In My Life role as Diane St. Croix, TV film
2004 plays in Love's Enduring Promise role as Missie Davis, TV film
2005 plays in Huff role as Marisa Wells, 2 episodes
2007-2015 plays in Mad Men role as Betty Draper, 62 episodes
2008 plays in Law & Order role as Kim Brody, Episode: "Quit Claim"
2015 plays in The Last Man on Earth role as Melissa Shart, 6 episodes

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy, The best Marvel film?

Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy, The best Marvel film yet? With its fantastic ensemble of characters and great sense of humor (not to mention an incredible soundtrack), “Guardians of the Galaxy” rises above the standard formula to make an entertaining and thrilling ride that leaves a lasting impression.

Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy (Plus Bonus Features)

Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy..

All the Marvel films have not dissapointed. I've seen it 5 times already. In theater and Blu Ray, and its great every time.

It was an awesome movie, but I rank it third behind Avengers and Captain America 2

Chris Pratt's Films:
2000 plays in Cursed Part 3 Devon
2003 plays in The Extreme Team Keenan
2005 plays in Strangers with Candy Brason
2005 plays in Path of Destruction Nathan McCain
2007 plays in Walk the Talk Cam
2008 plays in Wieners Bobby
2008 plays in Wanted Barry
2009 plays in Bride Wars Fletcher
2009 plays in Deep in the Valley Lester Watts
2009 plays in Jennifer's Body Roman Duda
2011 plays in Take Me Home Tonight Kyle Masterson
2011 plays in Moneyball Scott Hatteberg
2011 plays in What's Your Number? Disgusting Donald
2011 plays in 10 Years Cully
2012 plays in The Five-Year Engagement Alex Eilhauer
2012 plays in Zero Dark Thirty Justin
2013 plays in Movie 43 Doug
2013 plays in Mr. Payback Darren
2013 plays in Delivery Man Brett
2013 plays in Her Paul
2014 plays in The Lego Movie Emmet Brickowski (voice)
2014 plays in Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill / Star-Lord
2015 plays in Jurassic World Owen Grady

Chris Pratt's Televisions:
2001 plays in The Huntress Nick Owens in Episode: "Who Are You?"
2002–2006 plays in Everwood Bright Abbott in 89 episodes
2006–2007 plays in The O.C. Winchester "Che" Cook in 9 episodes
2008 plays in The Batman Jake (voice) in Episode: "Attack of the Terrible Trio"
2009–2015 plays in Parks and Recreation Andy Dwyer in 117 episodes
2010–2011 plays in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Cooper Daniels (voice) in 2 episodes
2014 plays in Saturday Night Live Himself (host) in Episode: "Chris Pratt/Ariana Grande"[28]

Chris Pratt's Video games:
2010 plays in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction role as Cooper Daniels
2012 plays in Kinect Star Wars role as Obi-Wan Kenobi
2014 plays in The Lego Movie Videogame role as Emmet Brickowski

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