Friday, 28 February 2014

Thomas Was Alone - it's different game

Thomas Was Alone is really different game in how the character visual made like not a human, but tell about human.

It's really different game with usual game visual.


The following link to Thomas Was Alone Game

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Young Einstein, A Great Soundtracks, A Hilarious Film

Young Einstein, there is a soundtrack out there that fits with the subject matter better than this one. That's probably a statement worthy of ridicule. anyway It was a great soundtrack. Don't forget Mental As Anything and Paul Kelly. The music selection was superb and never tired of hearing it.

Young Einstein (1988)

More comments for Young Einstein..

Watch this film, it was hilarious! When Preston is talking to Curie in the train and he says, "What was I saying?" and she says, "Small?" while wiggling her finger.. Pure gold. Loved how there are jokes which you just don't get as a kid - something there for the adults as well. Also there are some great appearances by Aussie actors who later became big names (Sandman, Georgie Parker, Mikey Robbins, among others). They just don't make films like this anymore ;-)

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