Monday, 30 June 2014

Jessica Chastain, natural red-head, beautiful!

Jessica Chastain, Oh my God! this woman is beautiful!!! I was watching TREE OF LIFE late one night and they kept doing this thing of focusing on her face without her saying anything and I can see why, this creature is beautiful! like a pre-raphaelites painting come to life, now don't get me wrong I sure as hell don't have a thing for red heads but I know beautiful when I see it.

Jessica saids "I don't want to be an American sweetheart." well baby I don't think you've got much choice in the matter.

Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty

Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty

She's the most attractive natural red-head I've ever seen.

There's nothing to think about, she = Hot.

Jessica Chastain's films:
2008 plays in Jolene role as Jolene
2009 plays in Stolen role as Sally Ann
2010 plays in The Debt role as Young Rachel Singer
2011 plays in Take Shelter role as Samantha LaForche
2011 plays in Coriolanus role as Virgilia
2011 plays in The Tree of Life role as Mrs. O'Brien
2011 plays in The Help role as Celia Foote
2011 plays in Wilde Salomé role as Salome
2011 plays in Texas Killing Fields role as Detective Pam Stall
2012 plays in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted role as Gia, Voice only
2012 plays in Lawless role as Maggie Beauford
2012 plays in The Color of Time role as Mrs. Williams
2012 plays in Zero Dark Thirty role as Maya
2013 plays in Mama role as Annabel
2013 plays in Salomé role as Salome, Edited version from the 2011 film
2013 plays in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby role as Eleanor Rigby, Also producer
2014 plays in Miss Julie role as Miss Julie
2014 plays in Interstellar role as Murphy Cooper
2014 plays in A Most Violent Year role as Anna Morales
2015 plays in Crimson Peak Film has yet to be released. role as Lady Lucille Sharpe
2015 plays in The Martian Film has yet to be released. role as Melissa Lewis

Jessica Chastain's Televisions:
2004 plays in Dark Shadows role as Carolyn Stoddard, Unaired pilot
2004 plays in ER role as Dahlia Taslitz, Episode: "Forgive and Forget"
2004 plays in Veronica Mars role as Sarah Williams, Episode: "The Girl Next Door"
2005 plays in Law & Order: Trial by Jury role as ADA Sigrun Borg, 3 episodes
2006 plays in Close to Home role as Casey Wirth, Episode: "The Rapist Next Door"
2006 plays in The Evidence role as Laura Green, Episode: "Pilot"
2006 plays in Blackbeard role as Charlotte Ormand, Television film
2007 plays in Journeyman role as Tanna Bloom, Episode: "Friendly Skies"
2010 plays in Agatha Christie's Poirot role as Mary Debenham, Episode: "Murder on the Orient Express"

Jessica Chastain's Theatres:
2004 plays in Rodney's Wife role as Lee, Playwrights Horizons
2004 plays in The Cherry Orchard role as Anya, Williamstown Theatre Festival[78]
2006 plays in Salome role as Salome, Wadsworth Theatre
2009 plays in Othello role as Desdemona, The Public Theatre
2012 plays in The Heiress role as Catherine Sloper, Walter Kerr Theatre

Food Irradiation is safe.

It's just sharing that Food Irradiation is safe.

Food Irradiation is food expose to ionizing radiation (such as Gamma ray from C0-60, Electron Beam and X ray). That process can kill pathogen microorganism but food nutrition is still acceptable. There is no residue of radioactive nor chemical.

Food Irradiation is safe
Note: the above figure not related to food irradiation (just show discussion about healthy food)

The following link to Electron Beam Pasteurization and Complementary Food Processing Technologies (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Kindle Voyage - the next-Gen Paperwhite

Kindle Voyage is the next-Gen Paperwhite Display with the following main features as below:

1. Highest-Resolution,
2. Highest Contrast,
3. New Adaptive Front Light,
4. Reimagined Page Turns,
5. Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G

Playing with Kindle Voyage fire, romantic suspense novels that sparked bestsellilng series.

Kindle Voyage - the next-Gen Paperwhite

The following link to Kindle Voyage - the next-Gen Paperwhite

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Internet Security?

Internet Security question... Of I've been paying for internet security for a long time now. Is this dumb? I know having it is necessary but are the free ones just as good? If so what ones do you suggest?

Norton Security, Internet Security, For 5 Devices

Norton Security, Internet Security, For 5 Devices

personally... i would just use a decent free anti-virus program (Microsoft Security Essentials (there are others if you want to look into them)) and that's about it.

if you are fairly careful on what you install to the PC this alone should keep your chances of being infected to a minimum. this alone is your best protection in general.

Voodooshield is a decent piece of software to have installed(especially if people are not careful on what they are doing on the PC), assuming your PC is in good running order at the moment, as it will basically block anything from being run that you did not allow during it's initial training mode setup.

everything i mentioned above is FREE. just some general thoughts ;)

Thanks but I download a lot of movie torrents

if they are legit video files (which is pretty easy to tell if they are(i.e. .mp4/.mkv/.avi etc)) you can't get a virus from them. so no need to worry there ;)

if you are being asked to run a executable program (i.e. ".exe" file extension) then obviously that's very likely to be junk and/or virus(and the like) you don't want on your PC. period.

Oh ok I didn't know any of that. But im pretty sure their all legit. Most are avid, mp3, mp34, or mkv's. I don't like talking about the torrents but u only get ones with th colored "skulls" on TPB. I'm pretty sure that means their good.

XviD = .avi (pretty much)
MP3 = music
MP4 = video

An adblocker is helpful. Ads can deliver malware or misleading popups.

Lucy Hale, Road Between

Lucy Hale, One of the sexiest women on the planet. Only way Lucy Hale will be more famous than Miley musically is if she focuses on her music and promotes that and stops acting or acting as much. right now, Lucy's fame is in being Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars and that will have 2 more seasons on ABC Family.

Road Between by Lucy Hale

Road Between by Lucy Hale

If Lucy Hale were to decide to leave Pretty Little Liars and makes some more music videos on youtube, and does more music concerts, radio airplay & interviews, maybe have her own MTV show showcasing her music, then she can be more famous musically

agree ??

No Lucy is fine the way she is. Fame like Miley Cyrus, Lucy Hale doesn't need.

Troian Bellisario, Pretty Little Liars

When Pretty Little Liars first started, she was the least unattractive of the group. her stunning now, she changed her hair or anything from the very first few episodes, she honestly does look gorgeous when you see her. She's not conventionally pretty but I think she's really attractive in an interesting way. she is absolutely gorgeous.

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Troian Bellisario (Actor), Ashley Benson (Actor)

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Troian Bellisario (Actor), Ashley Benson (Actor)

She was not pretty when you first saw her. Thought she kind of looked plain or old. But now she's a unique stunning beauty and find her more lovely than any of the other girls. The person who said she's is more beautiful each time you see her, that sums it up. She's the kind of pretty that takes time for you to realize.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Tammin Sursok, Whatever Will Be

Tammin Sursok, She even looks younger than the character she plays on the 'Young and Restless' , even more so than the actor she replaced, who was 2 years younger than her ! it is because she has baby features, the cheeks, nose, face shape makes her look younger kind of like a cute puppy lol. If you have sharp, pointy face, and quite delicate features that a person looks more mature.

When she dyed her hair blonde it makes her look like her age more, but with darker hair her features make her look alot younger, hair colour contributes to how old a person looks, but the features are more important.

She has the greenest eyes i've ever seen their sooo beautiful. I think thats her best feature :)

In 2005, Tammin Sursok released her only album to date, Whatever Will Be.

Whatever Will Be by Tammin Sursok

Whatever Will Be by Tammin Sursok

The Following her albums songs

Pointless Relationship
World Without You
Whatever Will Be
It's a Little Late
Something Better
Almost Me
Backwards Again
It's a Beautiful Thing
Better to Be Lonely
Ordinary Day
Around the World

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