Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Internet Security?

Internet Security question... Of I've been paying for internet security for a long time now. Is this dumb? I know having it is necessary but are the free ones just as good? If so what ones do you suggest?

Norton Security, Internet Security, For 5 Devices

Norton Security, Internet Security, For 5 Devices

personally... i would just use a decent free anti-virus program (Microsoft Security Essentials (there are others if you want to look into them)) and that's about it.

if you are fairly careful on what you install to the PC this alone should keep your chances of being infected to a minimum. this alone is your best protection in general.

Voodooshield is a decent piece of software to have installed(especially if people are not careful on what they are doing on the PC), assuming your PC is in good running order at the moment, as it will basically block anything from being run that you did not allow during it's initial training mode setup.

everything i mentioned above is FREE. just some general thoughts ;)

Thanks but I download a lot of movie torrents

if they are legit video files (which is pretty easy to tell if they are(i.e. .mp4/.mkv/.avi etc)) you can't get a virus from them. so no need to worry there ;)

if you are being asked to run a executable program (i.e. ".exe" file extension) then obviously that's very likely to be junk and/or virus(and the like) you don't want on your PC. period.

Oh ok I didn't know any of that. But im pretty sure their all legit. Most are avid, mp3, mp34, or mkv's. I don't like talking about the torrents but u only get ones with th colored "skulls" on TPB. I'm pretty sure that means their good.

XviD = .avi (pretty much)
MP3 = music
MP4 = video

An adblocker is helpful. Ads can deliver malware or misleading popups.

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