Monday, 2 June 2014

Tammin Sursok, Whatever Will Be

Tammin Sursok, She even looks younger than the character she plays on the 'Young and Restless' , even more so than the actor she replaced, who was 2 years younger than her ! it is because she has baby features, the cheeks, nose, face shape makes her look younger kind of like a cute puppy lol. If you have sharp, pointy face, and quite delicate features that a person looks more mature.

When she dyed her hair blonde it makes her look like her age more, but with darker hair her features make her look alot younger, hair colour contributes to how old a person looks, but the features are more important.

She has the greenest eyes i've ever seen their sooo beautiful. I think thats her best feature :)

In 2005, Tammin Sursok released her only album to date, Whatever Will Be.

Whatever Will Be by Tammin Sursok

Whatever Will Be by Tammin Sursok

The Following her albums songs

Pointless Relationship
World Without You
Whatever Will Be
It's a Little Late
Something Better
Almost Me
Backwards Again
It's a Beautiful Thing
Better to Be Lonely
Ordinary Day
Around the World

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