Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tom Cruise, without scientology..

Tom Cruise, i wonder how different he would be without scientology. I really love Tom Cruise an actor and he's made some great films and I think it's kind of sad how he has so profoundly been swept up into scientology.

On the surface it seems like a positive organization that just wants to help humanity, even the auditing and ridiculous xenu story can be viewed as harmless since every religion has silly stories and rituals but, incredible level of corruption, and it's downright criminal actions are just too horrible to be ignored.

Tom Cruise, Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise, Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Scientologists also seem to have such arrogant devotion to their beliefs that they come off as being such smug jerks. Other religions dont have ridiculous names for non-belivers like "suppressive person", and then act so infuriated that those people even exist.

If they truly want help humanity then, they should probably act more humble and approachable people instead of using their defensive conceit which only push people away. Anyways, I find myself wondering how different tom cruise's would be without his dedication to the church, and how different he would be as a person, in general.

Tom Cruise' films:
1981 plays in Endless Love role as Billy
1981 plays in Taps role as David Shawn
1983 plays in The Outsiders role as Steve Randle
1983 plays in Losin' It role as Woody
1983 plays in Risky Business role as Joel Goodson
1983 plays in All the Right Moves role as Stefen Djordjevic
1985 plays in Legend role as Jack
1986 plays in Top Gun role as Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
1986 plays in The Color of Money role as Vincent Lauria
1988 plays in Cocktail role as Brian Flanagan
1988 plays in Rain Man role as Charlie Babbitt
1989 plays in Born on the Fourth of July role as Ron Kovic
1990 plays in Days of Thunder role as Cole Trickle Also writer (story)
1992 plays in Far and Away role as Joseph Donelly
1992 plays in A Few Good Men role as Lt. Daniel Kaffee
1993 plays in The Firm role as Mitch McDeere
1994 plays in Interview with the Vampire role as Lestat de Lioncourt
1996 plays in Mission: Impossible role as Ethan Hunt Also producer
1996 plays in Jerry Maguire role as Jerry Maguire
1998 plays in Without Limits role as — Producer
1999 plays in Eyes Wide Shut role as William Harford
1999 plays in Magnolia role as Frank T. J. Mackey
2000 plays in Mission: Impossible II role as Ethan Hunt Also producer
2001 plays in Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures role as Narrator
2001 plays in The Others role as — Executive producer
2001 plays in Vanilla Sky role as David Aames Also producer
2002 plays in Space Station 3D role as Narrator
2002 plays in Minority Report role as John Anderton
2002 plays in Austin Powers in Goldmember role as Himself Cameo
2002 plays in Narc role as — Executive producer
2003 plays in Shattered Glass role as — Executive producer
2003 plays in The Last Samurai role as Nathan Algren Also producer
2004 plays in Collateral role as Vincent
2005 plays in War of the Worlds role as Ray Ferrier
2005 plays in Elizabethtown role as — Producer
2006 plays in Ask the Dust role as — Producer
2006 plays in Mission: Impossible III role as Ethan Hunt Also producer
2007 plays in Lions for Lambs role as Senator Jasper Irving
2008 plays in Tropic Thunder role as Les Grossman
2008 plays in Valkyrie role as Claus von Stauffenberg
2010 plays in Knight and Day role as Roy Miller
2011 plays in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol role as Ethan Hunt Also producer
2012 plays in Rock of Ages role as Stacee Jaxx Also credited as singer on the film's soundtrack:, "Paradise City", "Wanted Dead or Alive", "I Want To Know What Love Is", "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Here I Go Again", "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Don't Stop Believin'"
2012 plays in Jack Reacher role as Jack Reacher Also producer
2013 plays in Oblivion role as Jack Harper
2014 plays in Edge of Tomorrow role as Maj. William Cage
2015 plays in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation role as Ethan Hunt Also producer

1993 plays in Fallen Angels role as — Showtime

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