Tuesday, 12 August 2014

YouTube video size?

Is everyone else experiencing this problem with YouTube? The video size is no longer small but medium and won't shrink to the previous normal size . I experienced this a few months ago but it went back to normal eventually and I assumed it was YouTube changing the size and then they went back to normal, but now I'm wondering if it's just me that's getting this now? I can make the screen smaller by reducing the size of the page but it's annoying having to keep doing this - I prefer the smaller size as lower resolution videos look better

So is YouTube like tis for anyone else or just my computer? And does anyone know a way to go back to the normal size?

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In my experience, Youtube problems can usually be corrected by deleting your Youtube cookies and your browser cache. Try that and see if it works.

Or might be worth looking into... did you try another browser or if you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer try updating to the newest version of Flash player which the download links are below...

Newest Flash for Firefox =

Newest Flash for Internet Explorer =

for the record... i am using 'Pale Moon x64' which is basically a unofficial version of Firefox but 64bit and Youtube works fine for me as i just tried to play a video and i got no issues.

p.s. if you got Chrome then Flash is automatically included in updates of the browser itself so you don't have to do anything with Flash if you are using Chrome.

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