Friday, 31 October 2014

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Sam Heughan, phenomenal actor.

It has been mentioned that Sam Heughan 's portrayal of Jamie in the Starz Outlander series may define him forever. If so, wonderful image to carry. But it is not so. Sam Heughan is talented, versatile, athletic, dynamic, handsome, sexy as all get out, but more importantly, a supremely gifted actor. His physical abilities would allow him to perform in action movies, bringing a new dimension to favorite characters such as James Bond, Superman, Batman (whom he has already portrayed successfully. He has the ability to tell the story w/his eyes and mannerisms. There is absolutely no doubt, Sam Heughan is the hottest star around. There is also no question, his fans around the world will follow him, whatever his choices.

Sam Heughan, Outlander

Sam Heughan, Outlander

The proof that there is something absolutely unique about Sam Heugan is that he IS all that Diane Gabaldon made us envision when she wrote the part of James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser! World-wide fans of Diane's best selling international HITS have formed hundresd of Face book sites to celebrate Diane's characters coming to life through Starz Outlander. Fans of Sam Heughan are,as a result, from EVERY country, every age group, every life style. Can't think of another actor with such a wide fan base, including our beloved Brad Pitt.

Sam Heughan's Films:
2001 plays inSmall Moments role as N/A, Short film
2007 plays inA Very British Sex Scandal role as Edward McNally, Television film
2009 plays inBreaking the Mould: The Story of Penicillin role as Dr Charles Fletcher, Television film
2010 plays inFirst Light role as Geoffrey 'Boy' Wellum, Television film
2010 plays inYoung Alexander the Great role as Alexander
2011 plays inA Princess for Christmas role as Prince Ashton of Castlebury, Television film
2013 plays inEmulsion role as Ronny Maze
2014 plays inHeart of Lightness role as Lyngstrand

Sam Heughan's Televisions:
2004 plays inIsland at War role as Philip Dorr, Miniseries; 5 episodes
2005 plays inRiver City role as Lee McGowan, 3 episodes
2006 plays inThe Wild West role as John Tunstall, Miniseries; episode: "Billy the Kid"
2007 plays inMidsomer Murders role as Ian King, Episode: "King's Crystal"
2007 plays inParty Animals role as Adrian Chapple, 2 episodes
2007 plays inRebus role as Peter Carr, Episode: "Knots and Crosses"
2009 plays inDoctors role as Scott Nielson, 21 episodes
2010 plays inAny Human Heart role as Lieutenant McStay, Episode 2
2014–present plays inOutlander role as Jamie Fraser, Main cast

Sam Heughan's Theatres:
2002 plays inOutlying Islands role as John, Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London
2005 plays inKnives in Hens role as Pony William, TAG Theatre Company, Glasgow
2007 plays inThe Vortex role as Tom Veryan, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
2007 plays inHamlet role as Guildenstern, Fortinbras, Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
2007 plays inThe Pearlfisher role as Roderick, Eddie the Gaffer, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
2008 plays inRomeo and Juliet role as Paris, Dundee Repertory Theatre
2008 plays inMacbeth role as Malcolm, murderer, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh
2009 plays inPlague Over England role as Gregory, Duchess Theatre, West End
2011–12 plays inBatman Live role as Batman, Touring show
2012 plays inKing John role as King John, Oran Mor theatre

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Margaret Thatcher, The woman that saved Britain?

Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, SHOULD be called: The woman that saved Britain? What a great woman she was whilst in power! Completely saved the country with what she did. Privatising inefficient companies, looking after the poor with the right to buy scheme. Wish this were all in the film so that people could know what a great statesperson she was.

Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady

More comments for Margaret Thatcher film, The Iron Lady..

She was a patriot who actually rescued the working class. She brought opportunity and freedom from wage enslavement. She allowed poorer people to buy property at a cut rate. She changed fundamentally the political face of Britain.


Friday, 10 October 2014

Jason Momoa,

Jason Momoa, he was good on Game of Thrones but awful in Conan. Shame about Conan because he had good look for it.

But, He went from "who's this guy fk'n to get work??" to suddenly a really great actor. Passionate and clearly learned how to have fun with the roles which is all it really takes to be a great actor.

Jason Momoa, Wolves ..

Jason Momoa, Wolves ..

Figure out a way to have fun being that character and for body language, everything you do is a performance of showmanship.  Grabbing a pen, brushing your hair, jogging down the street etc.

It's like Jason Momoa, he had a light bulb moment and after years of being just awful, he's suddenly a spectacular actor. Totally unexpected and it seemed to just come out of nowhere.

Jason Momoa's Films:
2003 plays in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding role as Jason Ioane , TV Movie
2003 plays in Tempted role as Kala , TV Movie
2004 plays in Johnson Family Vacation role as Navarro
2011 plays in Conan the Barbarian role as Conan , CinemaCon Award for Male Rising Star (also for Game of Thrones)
2012 plays in Bullet to the Head role as Keegan
2014 plays in Road to Paloma role as Robert Wolf , Also director, producer and co-writer
2014 plays in Debug role as Iam
2014 plays in Wolves role as Connor
2016 plays in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice role as Arthur Curry / Aquaman

Jason Momoa's Televisions:
1999–2001 plays in Baywatch Hawaii role as Jason Ioane , 44 episodes
2004–2005 plays in North Shore role as Frankie Seau , 21 episodes
2005–2009 plays in Stargate Atlantis role as Ronon Dex , 73 episodes
2009 plays in The Game role as Roman , 4 episodes
2011–2012 plays in Game of Thrones role as Khal Drogo , 10 episodes
2014–present plays in The Red Road role as Phillip Kopus
2014 plays in Drunk History role as Jim Thorpe , Episode: "Sports Heroes"

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