Thursday, 18 December 2014

Anna Kendrick, attractive to you?

What makes Anna Kendrick attractive to you?

As A Man
..Anna Kendrick, She's not the prettiest actor in Hollywood, but man she just has this confidence and this sensuality that is incredibly attractive. It's more about the way she talks and acts and her personality in general.

..100% it's Anna Kendrick's personality. which is great for her, because looks fade in everyone in time. but Anna will always be special because she's interesting and different.

..Anna Kendrick, she is GORGEOUS. It is her teeth, they are so white and perfect and I am guy and am supper jelous because my teeth are gross.

.. Anna Kendrick, Her girl next door image, her boobs, and her easy going attitude.
She's cute overall!

..I just love her.

Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect

Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect

As a Woman
Anna Kendrick, she is attractive because of her personality. She is smart , witty, confident, seems nice. And she has a wonderful voice. The fact that she is beautiful and not in a cookie-cutter way helps too, I imagine.

..Anna Kendrick, So many great things about Anna.. She has great personality. She is beautiful. She acts great in every movie she has starred in. She has a great voice for singing, I wish she could record a album.

Anna Kendrick's Films:
2003 plays in Camp role as Fritzi Wagner
2007 plays in Rocket Science role as Ginny Ryerson
2008 plays in Twilight role as Jessica Stanley
2009 plays in Elsewhere role as Sarah
2009 plays in The Marc Pease Experience role as Meg Brickman
2009 plays in The Twilight Saga: New Moon role as Jessica Stanley
2009 plays in Up in the Air role as Natalie Keener
2010 plays in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse role as Jessica Stanley
2010 plays in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World role as Stacey Pilgrim
2011 plays in 50/50 role as Katherine McKay
2011 plays in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 role as Jessica Stanley
2012 plays in What to Expect When You're Expecting role as Rosie Brennan
2012 plays in ParaNorman role as Courtney Babcock (voice)
2012 plays in End of Watch role as Janet
2012 plays in Pitch Perfect role as Beca Mitchell
2012 plays in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 role as Jessica Stanley Credits only
2012 plays in The Company You Keep role as Diana
2013 plays in Drinking Buddies role as Jill
2013 plays in Rapture-Palooza role as Lindsey Lewis
2014 plays in Happy Christmas role as Jenny
2014 plays in Life After Beth role as Erica Wexler
2014 plays in Into the Woods role as Cinderella
2015 plays in Cake role as Nina
2015 plays in The Voices role as Lisa
2015 plays in The Last 5 Years role as Cathy Hiatt
2015 plays in Pitch Perfect 2 role as Beca Mitchell
2015 plays in The Hollars role as Rebecca
2015 plays in Get a Job role as Jillian Stewart
2015 plays in Digging for Fire
2015 plays in Mr. Right role as Martha
2016 plays in The Accountant

Anna Kendrick's Television:
2003 plays in The Mayor role as Sadie Winterhalter in Movie
2007 plays in Viva Laughlin role as Holly in Episode: "What a Whale Wants"
2009 plays in Fear Itself role as Shelby in Episode: "The Spirit Box"
2012 plays in Family Guy role as Nora (voice) in Episode: "Internal Affairs"
2013 plays in Comedy Bang! Bang! role as Herself in Episode: "Anna Kendrick Wears A Patterned Blouse & Burgundy Pants"
2014 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Herself (host) in Episode: "Anna Kendrick/Pharrell Williams"

Anna Kendrick's Theatre:
1998 plays in High Society role as Dinah Lord in St. James Theatre
2003 plays in A Little Night Music role as Fredrika Armfeldt in New York City Opera

Anna Kendrick's Music videos:
2010 Pow Pow role as LCD Soundsystem
2012 Do it Anyway role as Ben Folds Five
2013 Cups (When I'm Gone) role as Herself

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