Wednesday, 31 December 2014

call dvd blu rays tapes - vhs tapes - discs?

Are my parents the only ones? I can't count how many times I have had to correct my parents when they call my blu rays tapes. I keep having to tell them vhs tapes when out a while ago and it would be more accurate to call them discs. Am I the only person with parents who still call dvds / blu rays tapes?

Verbatim 25 GB 6x Blu-ray

Verbatim 25 GB 6x Blu-ray..

As long as they're not pretending to be experts on the subject, give them a break. If your parents are mostly non-technical and grew up in an era when gramophone records were the only disk-based medium, it probably took a lot for them to learn about "tapes".

Of course you can have hours of fun by asking them to rewind the DVD... :D

Nope, my parents call them tapes too. If your parents are paying to keep a roof over your head, as Speed said, cut them some slack.

No, I hear people do it all the time. The worst is when I'm recording something and people say I am "taping". Very irritating.

haha, I have the same problem as you, just in a different way.

My mom calls gigabits jiggabites


Actually the "jig" pronunciation is also correct, if not popular.

Well, my school teachers (especially the more "senior" ones) used to call VHS tapes "films", right up to the time I graduated in 2002. Despite the district having phased out 8/16mm films by about 1993 or '94. (35mm still filmstrips held on for a good while longer.)

Yes, and my grandmother still calls her audio CDs "records".

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