Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fire Phone, is really smartphone?

Fire Phone, designed and produced by amazon, as like another smartphone have many application and features like monitor by 4.7" hd display, easy and responsive due to polished cnc aluminium buttons, exeelent gorilla glass, saver by greater scratch resistance, qualified by quad core 2.2 ghz snapdragon processor, better video by adreno 330 graphics processor, better sound by dolby digital plus audio processing, better photograph by 13 mp camera, best optical image stabilization and also well-lit super sharp images..

But the important thing that Fire Phone, the only smartphone with dynamic perspective that responds to your movement and easy one handed shortcuts, also quickly add photos to texts,  find song lyrics with tilt,  find more information with peek then by auto scroll: for books (coming soon) and lets you read with one hand

Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Unlocked GSM)

Fire Phone as better smartphone also the only smartphone with firely technology that make eaasy in: listening for music, recognize phone number, identify movies and tv shows, quickly find over 7 million products, easily identify a book, recognize music andrecognize website address

Also important that fire phone, The Only samrtphone with mayday has free mayday support 24/7 365 days a year

And then Fire phone has everything you love with: over 33 milloion movies, tv shows, books, songs, games and apps, over a million songs, store your photos and videos in the amazon cloud

Fire Phone. is really smartphone? I think, YES.

The following link to Amazon Fire Phone,(Unlocked GSM)

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