Monday, 15 December 2014

January Jones, not spectacular, but hardly working

January Jones, Looks really hot on The Last Man On Earth. She gets a lot of negative sh*t about her looks online, and I didnt much care for her on Mad Men. But on this new show she looks totally hot. Sexy, easy going, fun, with gorgeous blonde hair. At least the character on the show. If shes anything like this in real life (I have no idea, havent googled her), she would make for an amazing girlfriend.

January Jones' Sweetwater

January Jones' Sweetwater

I have only seen January Jones in a couple of things, but she worked just fine in Mad Men and X-Men. As for Unknown, well that movie was crap, and I have a hard time seeing anyone shining in that role. Even Liam Neeson stunk to high heaven in that garbage.

January Jones, She might not be the best actress to ever set foot on this planet, but she's hardly the stinking piece of cow dung that people describe like on this board. Judging from the hate in some of the comments it seems like she murdered and raped a bunch of school children.

January Jones' Films:
1999 plays in All the Rage role as Janice Taylor
2001 plays in The Glass House role as Girl
2001 plays in Bandits role as Claire / Pink Boots
2002 plays in Taboo role as Elizabeth
2002 plays in Full Frontal role as Tracy
2003 plays in Anger Management role as Gina
2003 plays in American Wedding role as Cadence Flaherty
2003 plays in Love Actually role as Jeannie
2004 plays in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights role as Eve
2005 plays in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada role as Lou Ann Norton
2006 plays in Swedish Auto role as Darla
2006 plays in We Are Marshall role as Carole Dawson
2009 plays in The Boat That Rocked role as Elenore, AKA, Pirate Radio
2011 plays in Unknown role as Elizabeth Harris
2011 plays in X-Men: First Class role as Emma Frost
2011 plays in Seeking Justice role as Laura Gerard
2013 plays in Sweetwater role as Sarah Ramírez
2014 plays in Good Kill role as Molly Egan

January Jones' Televisions:
1999 plays in Get Real role as Jane Cohen, Episode: "Pilot"
1999 plays in Sorority role as Number One, TV film
2002 plays in In My Life role as Diane St. Croix, TV film
2004 plays in Love's Enduring Promise role as Missie Davis, TV film
2005 plays in Huff role as Marisa Wells, 2 episodes
2007-2015 plays in Mad Men role as Betty Draper, 62 episodes
2008 plays in Law & Order role as Kim Brody, Episode: "Quit Claim"
2015 plays in The Last Man on Earth role as Melissa Shart, 6 episodes

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