Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kristen Schaal, Great voice actor

I have been seeing (or rather, hearing) Kristen Schaal in a lot of things lately and I think she is hilarious. Her voice and comedic timing is awesome and she make me laugh so hard. I love her character on "Bob's Burgers". Louise, the ****-disturber. She has a great face for voice acting.

Kristen Schaal, Bob's Burgers: Season 3

Kristen Schaal, Bob's Burgers: Season 3...

It's got to be an affectation. Kristen Schaal, She probably started doing it to stand out from the crowd, and because it plays into her comedy where she acts a bit nuts. My intuition is that every actress who has a 'candy voice' is generating it artificially. With an actress like Marilyn Monroe, it might be calculated to sound young, like a child, which is supposed to be sexy, or empty-headed, which is supposed to be non-threatening to men, or breathless (also sexy). To me, I just find such voices annoying.

In the Lego Movie, Sarah Silverman puts on such a voice, but her character is a cartoon teenage girl. To use the voice both in roles and in interviews in real life would be too much.

I could be wrong. I did hear Kristen Schaal imply on a podcast that her voice is real, but I have only once ever encountered something like that in real life. I did once know a woman whose natural voice was a nasal whine. She was a graduate student in my department, around age 30, of South Asian heritage, and she once gave a 30-minute speech in the same tone. It was an impossible time.

Kristen Schaal's Film and television:
2001 plays in Kate & Leopold role as Miss Tree Film debut
2001–2002 plays in The Education of Max Bickford role as Valerie Holmes in 3 episodes
2004 plays in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit role as Abby Episode: "Brotherhood"
2004 plays in Poster Boy role as Bookstore Lady #14
2005 plays in Adam & Steve role as Ruth
2005 plays in Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker role as Emily in Episode: "Dog Show/World Beard and Mustache Championship"
2006 plays in Conviction role as Allie Rubinoff in Episode: "Madness"
2006 plays in Delirious role as Joelle
2006 plays in Ugly Betty role as Nancy in Episode: "Pilot"
2006 plays in Six Degrees role as Gail in 2 episodes
2006 plays in Freak Show role as Various in Voice, 7 episodes
2007 plays in Scott Bateman Presents role as Earth's New Robot Overlord, Trixie Tangway , Voice, 2 episodes in
2007 plays in Norbit role as Event Organizer
2007 plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent role as Alana Binder in Episode: "30"
2007 plays in Human Giant role as Girl in Doritos Commercial in Episode: "Lil 9-11"
2007 plays in Mad Men role as Nannette in Episode: "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
2007 plays in How I Met Your Mother role as Laura Girard in Episode: "The Platinum Rule"
2007–2009 plays in Flight of the Conchords role as Mel in 21 episodes
2008 plays in Aqua Teen Hunger Force role as Tammy Tangerine (voice) in As Frannie Hood, Episode: "Bible Fruit"
2008 plays in The Whitest Kids U'Know role as Homeless Woman in Episode: "2.9"
2008 plays in Never Mind The Buzzcocks role as Herself in Series 21, Episode 4
2009 plays in Xavier: Renegade Angel role as Frantic Spectator / Old Ryan's Wife (voice) in Episode: "Going Normal"
2009 plays in Comedy Central Presents role as Herself in Season 13, Episode 24
2009 plays in Snake 'n' Bacon role as The Green Fairy in TV movie
2009 plays in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard role as Stewardess Stacey
2009 plays in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant role as Gertha Teeth
2009 plays in Comedy Showcase role as Tourist in Episode: "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret"
2010 plays in Modern Family role as Whitney in Episode: "Fifteen Percent"
2010 plays in When in Rome role as Ilona
2010 plays in Valentine's Day role as Ms. Gilroy
2010 plays in Comedy Lab role as Penelope in Episode: "Penelope Princess of Pets"
2010 plays in Shrek Forever After role as Pumpkin/ Palace Witch
2010 plays in Get Him to the Greek role as Today Show Production Assistant
2010 plays in Toy Story 3 role as Trixie
2010 plays in Dinner for Schmucks role as Susana
2010 plays in Going the Distance role as Female Bartender
2010 plays in Fact Checkers Unit role as Paula in Episode: "One Groundhog Day Dog"
2010 plays in WordGirl role as Victoria Best (voice) in Episode: "Victoria Is the Best ... WordGirl?"
2010 plays in Scared Shrekless role as Sugar the Gingerbread Girl
2011 plays in Butter role as Carol Ann
2011 plays in The Simpsons role as Taffy in Voice, Episode: "Homer Scissorhands"; credited as "Kristen Schall"
2011 plays in The Penguins of Madagascar role as Muffy, Bluffy, and Fluffy the bunny rabbits in Voice, Episode: "Operation: Neighbor Swap"
2011 plays in Hawaiian Vacation role as Trixie in Voice
2011 plays in Soul Quest Overdrive role as Tammy in Voice
2011 plays in The Muppets role as Moderator in
2011 plays in The Heart, She Holler role as Hershe Heartshe in 6 episodes
2011–2012 plays in American Dad! role as Librarian / Girl in Voice, 2 episodes
2011–present plays in Bob's Burgers role as Louise Belcher in Voice, Series regular
2012 plays in Sleepwalk with Me role as Cynthia
2012–2013 plays in 30 Rock role as Hazel Wassername in 11 episodes
2012–2014 plays in Adventure Time role as Jake Jr. in Voice, 4 episodes
2012–present plays in Gravity Falls role as Mabel Pines in Voice, Series regular
2013 plays in Archer role as Tiffy in Voice, 2 episodes
2013 plays in Despicable Me 2 role as Shannon in Voice
2013 plays in Never Mind the Buzzcocks role as Herself in Series 27, Episode 5
2013 plays in Wilfred role as Anne in 4 episodes
2013 plays in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 role as Barb in Voice
2013 plays in NTSF:SD:SUV:: role as Deborah in Episode: "Trading Faces"
2013 plays in Toy Story of Terror role as Trixie in Voice
2013 plays in The Big Fat Quiz of the Year role as Herself in Panelist
2013 plays in Welcome to the Jungle role as Brenda
2013 plays in @Midnight role as Herself in Season 1 Episode 5
2014 plays in The Hotwives of Orlando role as Amanda Simmons in Series regular
2014 plays in BoJack Horseman role as Sarah Lynn in Netflix Series
2014 plays in Glee role as Mary Halloran in Episode: The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
2014 plays in Toy Story That Time Forgot role as Trixie in Voice
2015 plays in A Walk in the Woods role as
2015 plays in Last Man on Earth role as Carol Pilbasian

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