Sunday, 28 December 2014

Miles Teller, the next big movie star?

Will Miles Teller be the next big movie star? He seems to be blowing up this year. I feel like I've seen him before somewhere.

..If Fantastic Four does well at the box office, he will be. Miles Teller, He is picking the right scripts and all of that. From what it seems, if he continues along this path, then yes. He's been very wise in his script selections, and last year he was nommed for the ee rising star award at the baftas, so I'd say that Miles is getting on up there.

Miles Teller, Whiplash

Miles Teller, Whiplash

Miles Teller, hes's Great Actor, Deserved an Oscar Nod..In the event you or your family/friends read your IMDb, thought you did a phenomenal job in Whiplash, Miles. He're a strong actor, I've enjoyed the films I've seen him in, and I look forward to his future work.

He was amazing in both the Spectacular Now and Whiplash

Miles Teller's Films:
2004 plays in Moonlighters role as Miles
2007 plays in A Very Specific Recipe role as Lee
2008 plays in The Musicians role as Miguel
2009 plays in The Unusuals role as James Boorland
2010 plays in The Track Meet role as Andrew
2010 plays in Rabbit Hole role as Jason
2011 plays in Footloose role as Willard Hewitt
2012 plays in Project X role as Himself
2013 plays in 21 & Over role as Miller
2013 plays in The Spectacular Now role as Sutter Keeley
2014 plays in That Awkward Moment role as Daniel
2014 plays in Divergent role as Peter
2014 plays in Whiplash role as Andrew Neiman
2014 plays in Two Night Stand role as Alec
2015 plays in The Divergent Series: Insurgent role as Peter
2015 plays in Fantastic Four role as Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic
2015 plays in Get a Job role as Will Davis
2015 plays in Bleed for This role as Vinny Pazienza
2016 plays in Arms and the Dudes

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