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Robin Wright, her face?

I've recently seen Robin Wright in House of Cards and she looks quite different. Could it just be her haircut? Or has she had something done on her face?

Robin Wright, The Congress

Robin Wright, The Congress

Have you been following Robin Wright along the years?
I ask because I've seen messages around the web about House of Cards where people say she looks so different from The Princess Bride or Forrest Gump. And in the first she was 20 years old and in Forrest Gump she was 28 years old.

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The first time I ever really saw her was in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I thought Who is that ragged-looking former beauty with the thin hair? I don't mean this in a catty way; she just struck me as someone who was surely very pretty in her day (still has beauty if you're into older women) but is showing her age. She seems to be one actress who isn't doing the extensions, surgeries, peels, etc even though she has a lot of sun damage and maybe cigarettes have faded her a bit.


Wow, if you don't mean that in a catty way then I'd hate to read your 'catty'. Yikes. I love Robin, love her looks, do not see her as 'ragged-looking' at all. She'll work forever because she is amazingly talented and hasn't f'd up her face with plastic surgery (Laura Dern is another who has not). I look forward to seeing much more of her!

I dont remember her from those early years, I have seen Forest Gump but dont recall her in it. But how she looks now is quite attractive for an "older woman" as it were. Her face is still beautiful now, and maybe I wont go back and rewatch those older films because it will surely ruin her current look for me.

This is funny because I used her as an example on aging actresses with noticeable face lift. There's several times throughout house of cards where you can see surgery scars under her jaw line similar to Katey sagal who has an identical scar.

Read my reply. They haven't had plastic surgery, they have tried to correct their jaw asymmetry. I explained in my reply how this asymmetry is created.

That being said I should also say I find those women incredibly attractive and love there acting just stating what I believe to have seen to answer your question

blondes just don't age well, especially the really thin ones. But Robin Wright, she's a great actress and that's the most important thing.

I think you meant fair skinned people don't age well. While many fair skinned people have light hair, it has nothing to do with hair color. Dark haired fair skinned people don't age well either.

My wife is fair skinned and she has aged very well. She uses sunscreen and is constantly putting on good moisturizers.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

So what if she chooses to age normally instead of overdoing the plastic surgery that so many women and actresses feel necessary?
You can't win for losing! If you get older naturally you are a "ragged old woman." If you have surgery you look "plastic."
Boy you people are judgmental!

agreed. i think Robin Wright, she's still beautiful - and MORESO for not caving to plastic hollywood conventions.

Everybody listen up. She has an asymmetrical jaw, slight difference on both sides. She is still strikingly gorgeous, however people with this asymmetry see it more then everybody else. So a small difference, like cutting your hair from long to short, will make this asymmetry viewable more heavily .

You face grows horizontally or vertically depending on where your tongue is placed within your mouth. Horizontal growth is considered a million times more beautiful than vertical growth, which leads to the likeliness of a less defined jaw, or a receding jaw. How you hold your teeth together in your mouth also determines the definition that will be created in the early years of your life, when jaw growth is more probable because your bones are still developing.

I placed my tongue on the roof of my mouth when I was younger and kept my teeth together. Now, this is meant to promote the best aesthetically pleasing facial growth, however, my teeth were slightly slanted, so when I placed my teeth together it overtime made one side of my face slightly different. It is likely that this same scenario occurred to Robin Wright.

If over the years she had decided to try some kind of jaw surgery for this issue, let her be, it has most likely made her feel insecure throughout a part of her life. I have the same issue, however it is less noticeable, so I can understand if she would have tried to get surgery, also I am 17, and it is easier for me to get this treated.

Robin Wright, her look changed dramatically when she cut her hair. Sometimes that happens with people. For me, I think she looks way better with short hair. It emphasises her beauty.

Robin Wright's Films:
1986 plays in Hollywood Vice Squad role as Lori Stanton
1987 plays in The Princess Bride role as Buttercup
1990 plays in Denial role as Sara/Loon
1990 plays in State of Grace role as Kathleen Flannery
1992 plays in The Playboys role as Tara Maguire
1992 plays in Toys role as Gwen Tyler
1994 plays in Forrest Gump role as Jenny Curran
1995 plays in The Crossing Guard role as Jojo
1996 plays in Moll Flanders role as Moll Flanders
1997 plays in Loved role as Hedda Amerson
1997 plays in She's So Lovely role as Maureen Murphy Quinn
1998 plays in Hurlyburly role as Darlene
1999 plays in Message in a Bottle role as Theresa Osborne
2000 plays in How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog role as Melanie McGowan
2000 plays in Unbreakable role as Audrey Dunn
2001 plays in The Pledge role as Lori
2001 plays in The Last Castle role as Rosalie Irwin Uncredited
2002 plays in Searching for Debra Winger role as Herself Documentary
2002 plays in White Oleander role as Starr Thomas
2003 plays in The Singing Detective role as Nicola/Nina/Blonde
2003 plays in Virgin role as Mrs. Reynolds
2004 plays in A Home at the End of the World role as Clare
2005 plays in Nine Lives role as Diana
2005 plays in Sorry, Haters role as Phoebe
2005 plays in Max role as Mother Short subject
2005 plays in Empire Falls role as Grace Roby Television film
2006 plays in Breaking and Entering role as Liv
2006 plays in Room 10 role as Frannie Short film
2007 plays in Hounddog role as Stranger Lady
2007 plays in Beowulf role as Wealthow
2008 plays in What Just Happened role as Kelly
2008 plays in New York, I Love You role as Anna
2009 plays in State of Play role as Anne Collins
2009 plays in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee role as Pippa Lee
2009 plays in A Christmas Carol role as Fan Scrooge/Belle
2010 plays in The Conspirator role as Mary Surratt
2011 plays in Moneyball role as Sharon
2011 plays in Rampart role as Linda Fentress
2011 plays in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo role as Erika Berger
2013 plays in The Congress role as Robin Wright Played herself
2013 plays in Adore role as Roz
2014 plays in A Most Wanted Man role as Martha Sullivan
2015 plays in Everest role as Peach Weathers Post-production

Robin Wright's Televisions:
1983–1984 plays in The Yellow Rose role as Barbara Anderson in 2 episodes
1984–1988 plays in Santa Barbara role as Kelly Capwell in 509 episodes
2011 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Jenny Curran in 1 episode, "Tina Fey/Ellie Goulding"
2011 plays in Enlightened role as Sandy in 2 episodes
2013–present plays in House of Cards role as Claire Underwood in 39 episodes; also directed three episodes: "Chapter 23", "Chapter 35" and "Chapter 38"

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