Friday, 26 December 2014

Sharlto Copley, Best part of Maleficent, A-Team, Elysium..

Sharlto Copley, Best part of Maleficent, Best part of A-Team, Best part of Elysium. Seriously, this guy just steals the show in everything.

Maleficent, Sharlto Copley

Maleficent, Angelina Jolie (Actor), Sharlto Copley (Actor), Robert Stromberg (Director)

Even our view of acting talent can be subjective. I think Sharlto Copley was the saving grace of Elysium and yes, was the best part of The A-Team.

In any discussion under many actors´ profiles, there are comments like "He can´t act" with "He is one of the best actors of our generation!" next to each other. Just check Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio profiles.... I think Sharlto Copley is very good but he needs more interesting roles in indie projects instead of blockbusters where he has no real chance to work with the character. Even Open Grave, as average the movie was, proved he could be good with a properly written role.

I thought he was great as Murdock in the A Team and Elysium,I know some people thought he was awful in Maleficent and Oldboy(Have not seen that one yet),but I always enjoy watching him onscreen,Chappie looks interesting. I agree Sharlto should probably do more indie projects

Sharlto Copley's films:
2006 plays in Alive in Joburg Role as Sniper
2009 plays in District 9 Role as Wikus van der Merwe
2010 plays in The A-Team Role as Capt. H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock
2010 plays in Wikus and Charlize Role as Wikus van der Merwe
2013 plays in Elysium Role as Kruger
2013 plays in Europa Report Role as James Corrigan
2013 plays in Oldboy Role as Adrian Pryce
2013 plays in Open Grave Role as John (AKA Jonah Cooke)
2014 plays in Maleficent Role as King Stefan
2014 plays in The Snow Queen 2 Role as Orm
2015 plays in Chappie Role as Chappie
2015 plays in The Hollars Role as Ron
2015 plays in Hardcore Role as Jimmy

Sharlto Copley's Televisions:
2015 plays in Powers Role as Christian Walker

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