Saturday, 20 December 2014

Theo James, Hot?

Theo James.. is he hot?

Yes, Theo James is hot.
Not everyone is gonna agree with you, not everyone is gonna agree with me either if I say he's hot

He's gorgeous, cute, sexy, and--yes--hot. I know this because he made a joke about blood being in his poop on the David Letterman show, and jokes or acts of defecation/flatulence have always been a HUGE turn off for me----and yet I still find myself attracted to him which is weird. Normally I lose all interest in a guy when he 'goes there' and does and says disgusting things like that. So if I'm still attracted to Theo after that then he must be pretty me at least.

His whole leadership role was to mold these naive kids. They were totally new to the concept of "faction over blood". He had to be stoical and strict. Plus, I would imagine that, other than the hippie farmers, everyone had to be super focused/serious to succeed.

His performance was perfect.

Theo James. Divergent

Theo James. Divergent..

No, Theo James is not hot
In fact, he looks a little weird in the movie, plus his acting is a little wooden, kinda like the modern day Keanu Reeves. Shailene Woodley sucked in the movie either, overall Divergent as a movie failed as a whole, even worse than the Hunger Games.

I don't think he looks hot at all. He sort of looks like he has brain damage or some other mental disorder.

Theo James' Film:
2010 plays in You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger role as Ray
2011 plays in The Inbetweeners Movie role as James
2012 plays in Underworld: Awakening role as David
2012 plays in The Domino Effect role as Dinner Party guest
2014 plays in Divergent role as Tobias "Four" Eaton
2015 plays in The Divergent Series: Insurgent role as Tobias "Four" Eaton
2015 plays in Franny role as Luke
2015 plays in London Fields role as Guy Clinch

Theo James' Television:
2010 plays in A Passionate Woman role as Alex "Craze" Crazenovski
2010 plays in Downton Abbey role as Kemal Pamuk in 1 episode
2011 plays in Bedlam role as Jed Harper in 6 episodes
2012 plays in Case Sensitive role as Aidan Harper in 2 episodes
2012 plays in Room at the Top role as Jack Wales in 2 episodes
2013 plays in Golden Boy role as Walter William Clark, Jr. , Lead role

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