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Thora Birch, New manager?

Did Thora Birch ever fire her dad and get a new manager? Petunia was produced by her Dad, so the leads were all gay characters and not worthy of her. And her parents are turning her into a tuned out pot head. Her dad produced Petunia so she thinks he might make films she wants since..they're rumored to be intimate.

Thora Birch, she does get a new manager, she deserves more roles for her acting capabilities. before she is type-cast or un-hireable. In January she said she was looking for one, but I don't know if she has found one yet.

Thora Birch, American Beauty

Thora Birch, American Beauty

Thora Birch hasn't been hired for a film in years. Her lunatic father ruined her career. The best she can hope for is the lowest of the low B grade films and it appears that she can no longer even get that kind of work. She should think about going into some other line of work. It's not that she wasn't talented enough or beautiful enough to be a big star. It's because of her lunatic father who caused her to become black listed. She also should have been strong willed enough to cut him loose. We all have to cut negative people out of our lives at some point-even family members who we love. She is also to blame for what he did to her career.

Thora Birch's Films:
1988 plays in Purple People Eater role as Molly Johnson
1991 plays in Paradise role as Billie Pike
1991 plays in All I Want for Christmas role as Hallie O'Fallon
1992 plays in Patriot Games role as Sally Ryan
1992 plays in Itsy Bitsy Spider role as Leslie McGroarty (voice)
1993 plays in Hocus Pocus role as Dani Dennison
1994 plays in Monkey Trouble role as Eva Gregory
1994 plays in Clear and Present Danger role as Sally Ryan
1995 plays in Now and Then role as Tina "Teeny" Tercell
1996 plays in Alaska role as Jessie Barnes
1999 plays in American Beauty role as Jane Burnham
1999 plays in Anywhere but Here role as Mary
2000 plays in The Smokers role as Lincoln Roth
2000 plays in Dungeons & Dragons role as Empress Savina
2001 plays in The Hole role as Elizabeth "Liz" Dunn
2001 plays in Ghost World role as Enid
2004 plays in Silver City role as Karen Cross
2004 plays in The Dot role as Narrator (voice)
2005 plays in Slingshot role as April
2006 plays in Dark Corners role as Susan Hamilton / Karen Clarke
2008 plays in Train role as Alexandra "Alex" Roper
2009 plays in Winter of Frozen Dreams role as Barbara Hoffman
2009 plays in Deadline role as Lucy Woods
2012 plays in Petunia role as Vivian Petunia

Thora Birch's Televisions:
1988–1989 plays in Day by Day role as Molly in Recurring role (21 episodes)
1989 plays in Doogie Howser, M.D. role as Megan in Episode: "Vinnie Video Vici"
1990 plays in Dark Avenger role as Susie Donovan in Movie
1990 plays in Married People role as Emily in Episode: "To Live and Drive in New York"
1990–1991 plays in Parenthood role as Taylor Buckman in Main role (12 episodes)
1991 plays in Amen role as Brittany in Episode: "Nothing Says Lovin'..."
1994 plays in Monty role as Ann Sherman in Episode: "Here Comes the Son"
1995 plays in The Outer Limits role as Aggie Travers in Episode: "The Choice"
1997 plays in Promised Land role as Allison Rhodes in Episode: "Running Scared"
1997 plays in Touched by an Angel role as Erin in Episode: "The Pact"
1999 plays in Night Ride Home role as Clea Mahler in Movie
2002 plays in Night Visions role as Susan Thornhill in Episode: "The Maze"
2003 plays in Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story role as Elizabeth "Liz" Murray in Movie
2005 plays in My Life as a Teenage Robot role as Vega (voice) in Episode: "Escape from Cluster Prime"
2010 plays in The Pregnancy Pact role as Sidney Bloom in Movie

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