Thursday, 25 December 2014

Travis Fimmel, great on Vikings

I must say that Travis Fimmel' role as Ragnar was made for him! He's very good in it, and I foresee big things coming from his participation in this series! On another note, is he married? He's awfully beautiful and humble! :) AND he's so humble! That makes him even more appealing! :)

Vikings Season 2, Travis Fimmel (Actor), Clive Standen (Actor)

Vikings Season 2, Travis Fimmel..

Agreed. He was perfectly cast and instantly likeable on screen in Vikings. Especially with that wicked, knowing grin.

Yes, I love movie/tv characters who smile while actually enraged inside. It's a very intimidating expression. It says ' I want to kill you and I am totally confident I can'. And ' I am so in control of my rage that I can choose when to kill you'.

The other expression I like is 'dead eyes', like Anton Sugar in No Country For Old Men. It says ' I can kill you and go for dinner right after'.

Travis Fimmel, He is incredibly talented

I agree! Travis Fimmel is doing a fantastic job with his character. It was because of him that I continued to watch the show out of curiosity. Next thing I know, I did not want to miss an episode! Can't wait for Season's such a long time from now!

Keep up the great work Travis! I am now a fan!

Travis Fimmel in Vikings is really good as Ragnar. Things should get better for him.

Is he married? Anyone knows? Don't think he is right now.

He's not married.

I think Travis Fimmel's doing a superb job on Vikings, too. I have every episode on my dvr right now- and can't wait for next season. I love this series because of him, and what he brings to it. Sure, he has the great eyes, but he's also kinda scary, like, a cold-blooded killer, which is confusing because he's a hottie. He's the true embodiment of a "Viking".

agreed he is made for Ragnar's role, and I think everyone's acting in Vikings is superior

Travis Fimmel's Feature films:
2016 plays in Warcraft role as Anduin Lothar
2015 plays in Maggie's Plan
2012 plays in The Baytown Outlaws role as McQueen Oodie
2012 plays in Harodim role as Lazarus Fell
2011 plays in Supremacy role as Garrett Tully
2010 plays in Pure Country 2: The Gift role as Dale Jordan
2010 plays in Needle role as Marcus Rutherford
2010 plays in Ivory role as Jake
2008 plays in Surfer, Dude role as Johnny Doran
2008 plays in Restraint role as Ron

Travis Fimmel's TV series:
2013 plays in Vikings role as Ragnar Lothbrok in 2013-present
2012 plays in Outlaw Country role as Feron in TV Movie
2012 plays in BlackBoxTV role as Ted
2010 plays in Chase role as Mason Boyle
2010 plays in The Experiment role as Helweg
2009 plays in The Beast role as Ellis Dove / Carlson
2006 plays in Southern Comfort role as Bobby in TV Movie
2005 plays in Rocky Point role as Taj Walters
2003 plays in Tarzan role as John Clayton / Tarzan

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