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Alexandra Breckenridge, True Blood: Season 4

Alexandra Breckenridge.. One more reason to watch True Blood.. In my Opinion Bill Compton SERIOUSLY traded up. And yes I did just add her credit the first 2 episodes of season 4.

Alexandra Breckenridge, True Blood: Season 4

Alexandra Breckenridge, True Blood Season 4..

Another good reason if you're a guy is, Alexandra Breckenridge took her clothes of for the first time on screen and have a full blown sex scene.

I watched that episode of True Blood and I'm in love with Alexandra Breckenridge now. She's so banging, it's not even funny. I'd do terrible things for her.

Loving Alexandra Breckenridge on True Blood so far. She is very gorgeous and a wonderful actress

Alexandra Breckenridge's Films:
2002 plays in Orange County role as Anna
2002 plays in Big Fat Liar role as Janie Shepherd
2002 plays in Wishcraft role as Kristie
2002 plays in Vampire Clan role as Charity Lynn Keesee
2002 plays in Slasher Flick role as Laura
2003 plays in D.E.B.S. role as Amy
2005 plays in Rings role as Vanessa
2006 plays in She's the Man role as Monique
2006 plays in Jack Rabbit role as Harley
2008 plays in The Art of Travel role as Kate
2009 plays in The Bridge to Nowhere role as Sienna
2010 plays in Ticket Out role as Jocelyn
2011 plays in The Darkest Hour role as Alicia
2014 plays in Other People's Children role as Ariel
TBA Broken Vows role as Debra

Alexandra Breckenridge's Televisions:
1998 plays in Even the Losers role as Unknown in Television movie
1999 plays in Locust Valley role as Arden in Television movie
2000 plays in Dawson's Creek role as Kate Douglas in Episode: "Valentine's Day Massacre"
2000 plays in Freaks and Geeks role as Shelly Weaver in Episode: "Looks and Books"
2000 plays in Opposite Sex role as Francise in 3 episodes
2001 plays in Undeclared role as Prim and Proper Girl in Episode: "Prototype"
2002 plays in Undeclared role as Celeste in Episode: "Eric's POV"
2002 plays in Charmed role as Michelle Miglis in Episode: "A Paige from the Past"
2002 plays in Buffy the Vampire Slayer role as Kit Holburn in Episode: "Lessons"
2004 plays in Mystery Girl role as Katie Hill in Television short
2004 plays in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation role as Lisa 'Cleopatra' Hunt in Episode: "Turn of the Screws"
2004 plays in JAG role as Pia Bonfilio in Episode: "There Goes the Neighborhood"
2005 plays in Murder Book role as Sarah in Television movie
2005 plays in Romy and Michele: In the Beginning role as Michele Weinberger in Television movie
2005 plays in Medium role as Isabel Galvan in Episode: "Jump Start"
2005 plays in Sex, Love & Secrets role as Maddie Lyall in Episode: "Protection"
2005–14 plays in Family Guy role as Various (voice) in 54 episodes
2006 plays in American Dad! role as (voice) in Episode: "With Friends Like Steve's"
2007 plays in Psych role as Betty in Episode: "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast"
2007–08 plays in Dirt role as Willa McPherson in 20 episodes
2008 plays in Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy role as Princess Peach (voice) in 2 episodes
2008–11 plays in The Ex List role as Vivian in 13 episodes
2010 plays in Son of Tucson role as Gina in 2 episodes
2010 plays in Life Unexpected role as Abby Cassidy in 5 episodes
2011 plays in Cooper and Stone role as Jenna Cooper in Television movie
2011 plays in Franklin & Bash role as Emily Claire in Episode: "Bachelor Party"
2011 plays in True Blood role as Katerina Pelham in 4 episodes
2011–13 plays in American Horror Story role as Young Moira O'Hara in Murder House: 6 episodes
plays in Kaylee role as Coven: 2 episodes in
2012 plays in Save Me role as Carly Brugano in 8 episodes
2012 plays in Men at Work role as Katelyn in Episode: "Wake and Bake"
2014 plays in Rake role as Brooke in Episode: "A Close Shave"
2015 plays in The Walking Dead role as Jessie Anderson in Recurring Role; 3 episodes

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