Saturday, 10 January 2015

Alexandra Daddario, Vampiric eyes?

Alexandra Daddario has Vampiric eyes? Despite having one of the most magnificent pairs of breasts in the acting business - they are big, voluptuous, and bouncy - the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this woman are her vampiric, hypnotic orbs of blue infinity. She is one woman that, as far as I'm concerned, never has to worry about saying "my eyes are up here."

She could do an exorcist movie and she won't need those uncomfortable contacts.

she's got some crazy possessed eyes

Alexandra Daddario, Her eyes are very hypnotic and mesmerizing.

Her eyes are beyond amazing.

Alexandra Daddario, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Alexandra Daddario, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Who would have thought that somebody would ever use the word "vampiric" as a compliment. Guess Alexandra Daddario, she's another Zooey Deschanel

She is a beautiful woman indeed but her eyes are quite scary and intense. Even my girlfriend (who is of Armenian descent and has brown eyes) agrees and said that she is automatically suspicious of anyone with eyes like Alexandra's. Then again, that just might be jealousy talking as I have often praised Miss Daddario in my girlfriend's presence.

Alexandra Daddario's Films:
2005 plays in The Squid and the Whale role as Pretty Girl
2006 plays in Pitch role as Alex
2006 plays in The Hottest State role as Kim
2007 plays in The Babysitters role as Barbara Yates
2008 plays in The Attic role as Ava Strauss
2009 plays in Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience role as Girlfriend
2010 plays in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief role as Annabeth Chase
2010 plays in Bereavement role as Allison Miller
2011 plays in Hall Pass role as Paige
2013 plays in Texas Chainsaw 3D role as Heather Miller
2013 plays in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters role as Annabeth Chase
2013 plays in Life in Text role as Haley Greene
2014 plays in Unreachable by Conventional Means role as Kate
2014 plays in Burying the Ex role as Olivia
2015 plays in San Andreas role as Blake
2016 plays in The Choice role as Monica

Alexandra Daddario's Televisions:
2002–2003 plays in All My Children role as Laurie Lewis in 43 episodes
2004 plays in Law & Order role as Felicia in Episode: "Enemy"
2005 plays in Law & Order role as Samantha Beresford in Episode: "Release"
2006 plays in Conviction role as Vanessa in Episode: "Pilot"
2006 plays in The Sopranos role as Another Woman in Episode: "Johnny Cakes"
2009 plays in Damages role as Lily Arsenault in Episode: "I Lied, Too"
2009 plays in Life on Mars role as Emily "Rocket Girl" Wyatt in Episode: "Let All the Children Boogie"
2009 plays in Nurse Jackie role as Young Woman in Episode: "Pilot"
2009 plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent role as Lisa Wellesley in Episode: "Salome in Manhattan"
2009–2011 plays in White Collar role as Kate Moreau in 11 episodes
2011–2012 plays in Parenthood role as Rachel in 5 episodes
2012 plays in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia role as Ruby Taft in Episode: "Charlie and Dee Find Love"
2013 plays in Chelsea Lately role as Herself in Episode: "Alexandra Daddario"
2014 plays in True Detective role as Lisa Tragnetti in 4 episodes
2014 plays in New Girl role as Michelle in 2 episodes
2014 plays in Married role as Ella in Episode: "Pilot"
2015 plays in The Last Man on Earth role as Carol (dream sequence version) in Episode: "Alive in Tucson"

Alexandra Daddario's Music videos:
2012 plays in Imagine Dragons In album Radioactive

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