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Bindi Irwin, is she pimped out?

Bindi Irwin is not being "pimped out". She enjoys doing the work she does and had been working on a show with her dad "Bindi - The Jungle Girl" before he died. She just did her first movie and performs at the Zoo from time to time. I wouldn't worry about her. There are lots of people close to her family, keeping an eye on her to make sure she really wants to continue working, and she does.

I don't think they need the money, but Bindi wants to spread the conservation message and continue her father's legacy.

Terri is the owner of the Zoo and is also touring with Bindi to promote her new movie. She is a busy woman, and I don't think she is by any means lazy.

Re: the forgotten child: Robert only just turned six. He was only two-and-a-half when his father passed away and that wasn't all that long ago. He is still really young, but he seems very interested in animals just like his sister. If he wants to do a documentary, show, movie, etc. in the future I'm sure his mom will let him. Bindi is doing stuff, but she's 11 1/2 which is quite a bit older.

Bindi Irwin, Surfing with Turtles: Bindi Wildlife Adventures (Bindi's Wildlife Adventures)

Bindi Irwin, Surfing with Turtles: Bindi Wildlife Adventures (Bindi's Wildlife Adventures)

Did you know not a penny of Steve and Terry's merchandising went into their pocket? Every bit was put into the zoo and wildlife conservation. That's how it became Australia's biggest zoo! Bindi is in no way pimped out by her mom. She was incredibly close to her dad. She even told her mom at the moment of Steve's death that "something was wrong with daddy". She is an energetic, very intelligent and well spoken young lady with many talents. I don't belive Terry is a stage mom or using her daughter to gain weath. Did you realize they lived, last I heard, in a small house on the zoo property? Her biggest extravagance was a stained glass window of animals for their bathroom window!! These are true wildlife hero's!!! Just because a person is financially able to not work doesn't mean they must stop. It's my understanding that projects are presented to Bindi and she can choose and decline as she sees fit. Robert being shy doesn't do as much. I am unaware of their networth now but Steve's can easily be accounted for because he owned the zoo & a lot of land for his wildlife preservations! That alone is enough to make him have a high net worth but his bank account may say differently. We don't know if Terri's putting the monies earned into a trust for Bindi, or dividing it up between Bindi's most loved concerns- like fighting her dad's reserve against minning, helping to pay for Bindi's travel to & from projects, improving the zoo & buying more land -the list can go on and on. Keep in mind also that some of these projects were already in development before Steve died. Actually the taping at which he was killed was for her show not his!! We all need leave that family alone and stop getting into their personal business, please!! Bindi is enthusiastic to do exactly what she promised at her dad's memorial service- to be a wildlife warrior in his place! There will be no "Mommy Dearest" books written by this young lady!!

Bindi Irwin 's Film :
2010 plays in Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove role as Kirra Cooper
2013 plays in Return to Nim's Island role as Nim Rusoe

Bindi Irwin' s Television:
2007–2008 plays in Bindi the Jungle Girl role as Herself
2012 plays in My Babysitter's a Vampire role as Sunday Clovers Episode: "Mirror, rorriM"
2012 plays in Bindi's Bootcamp role as Host
2012 plays in Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors role as Herself Gameshow

Bindi Irwin ' Internet:
2012 plays in Growing Up Wild role as Herself With her young brother Robert they show their wildest animals at Australia Zoo on The Pet Collective, a popular animal focused YouTube channel.

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