Saturday, 31 January 2015

Computer, NitroTmp.tmp

NitroTmp.tmp - does anybody know anything about this?  So I found this file on my computer earlier - NitroTmp.tmp. It has today listed as the date it was created - my computer did an automatic restart at some point while I was way from it, which could have something to do with it (I know I wasn't online at the time listed). Now, here's the part that concerns me - Google didn't turn up anything - searching it with quote marks around it (to make sure it was searching for that exact phrase) produced exactly 0 results.

I mean, I ran it through jotti and virus total, and they both didn't find anything, though I wonder if it's possible the scanners they're using aren't up-to-date enough to find anything (if there's anything to be found)...

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I haven't heard of it. Many .tmp files are plain text. Try opening the file in Notepad and reading the contents. That may tell you which program created it.

The entire text:

"BrowserType" : "IE",
"ScanTarget" : "Security_Settings_TrustedSites",
"activeSessionId" : 1

EDIT: It wasn't set to open with Notepad originally - it was set to open with Windows Shell Common Dll

That looks pretty safe to me.

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