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Genesis Rodriguez, Saw her in Man On A Ledge

Genesis Rodriguez, she was very sexy. But, to be honest, she wasn't very good. She overacted her part a lot, closing her last scene with a fake tear, which made me laugh. Man On A Ledge movie itself was quite good!

Genesis Rodriguez, Man on a Ledge

Genesis Rodriguez, Man on a Ledge

I saw "Man on a Ledge" ...and, yes, Genesis is incredibly beautiful. A real find. Reminds me of Nina Dobrev, Serinda Swan or a young Eva Longoria, but with a much, much better body than any of these other super hot raven-haired beauties.

Though Genesis didn't"get naked" in the movie, there was a shot of her in bra & bikini bottoms that sealed the deal. She's packin' the lady-lumps and has a tight, shapely bum that would be the envy of any Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

I'm hoping she has a good manager, who will get her a Maxim magazine photo spread--and put her in lots of movies that have her in bikinis or less.

As for her acting, "Man on a Ledge" didn't ask too much of her, and the role she played (a hot-tempered Latina) is pretty much a stereotype. So, I wouldn't blame her if she wasn't inspired and didn't give it her all.

She is very hot, But her character was kinda stupid. Stereotype, sexy, hot latina thief.

"It's a HEAT SENSOR!" I liked the way she delivered the line.... so the character wasn't too dumb. Actually made the movie more enjoyable than the weak, predictable plot.

Agree. She's very hott and she really didn't have to act out of that stereotype. Half-Blood #18 and Son of Poseidon, Son of Adam, Gryffindor 7th year

Genesis Rodriguez's Filmography
2004 plays in Prisionera role as Guadalupe Santos (young) / Libertad Salvatierra
2006–07 plays in Dame Chocolate role as Rosita Amado / Violeta Hurtado
2008–09 plays in Doña Bárbara role as Marisela Barquero / Young Bárbara Guaimarán
2010, 2011 plays in Entourage role as Sarah
2012 plays in Man on a Ledge role as Angie
2012 plays in Casa de Mi Padre role as Sonia
2012 plays in What to Expect When You're Expecting role as Courtney
2013 plays in The Last Stand role as FBI Agent Ellen Richards
2013 plays in Identity Thief role as Marisol
2013 plays in Hours role as Abigail Hayes
2014 plays in Tusk role as Allison
2014 plays in Big Hero 6 role as Honey Lemon
2015 plays in Run All Night role as Gabrielle
2015 plays in Yoga Hosers

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