Sunday, 11 January 2015

Jackie Chan, bad guy?

There are movies where Jackie plays the bad guy. Rumble In Hong Kong, he plays a henchman in Enter The Dragon but it's only a small role, The Killer Meteors, he plays a kidnapper in Rob-B-Hood, he also plays a small role as a villain in Hapkido, and apparently he played another bit part role as a henchman in Fist Of Unicorn.

He played evil henchmen in a few of his early films (more as a stuntman than an actor)

The only true bad guy role he ever played was in The Killer Meteors. But that's a pretty boring movie.

Jackie Chan, Around The World In 80 Days

Jackie Chan, Around The World In 80 Days

He robbed the Bank of England in "Around the World in 80 Days" He also encouraged Phileas Fogg to take the journey, as it would let Jackie get home to China quicker. Later, he helped Fogg to finish the journey and win the bet

Would love to see him as a really nasty bad guy soon. But I believe that Jackie doesn't want to be a villain anymore because he wants to be a "good example" for the kids that watch his movies or something along those lines. But I think that statement became void with the movie Shinjuku Incident.

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