Thursday, 8 January 2015

Katheryn Winnick, Vikings, beautiful..

Katheryn Winnick, She's incredibly beautiful, especially in her performance as Lagertha on "Vikings." . she's really impressive. There is something about her features and expressions that make her absolutely stunning. What I find weird is that I like her better in Vikings, where she wears unflattering clothes and looks dirty, than in red-carpet events where she looks all caked up in make-up. I guess it's not just the looks, it must be the personality and acting, because she shines even covered in dirt.

Katheryn Winnick, Vikings

Katheryn Winnick, Vikings

Katheryn Winnick's Films:
2001 plays in Biohazardous role as Jennifer
2002 plays in Smoking Herb role as Marcia
2002 plays in The It Factor role as Herself
2002 plays in Fabled role as Liz
2002 plays in Daddy's Little Girl role as Short film
2002 plays in Two Weeks Notice role as Tiffany
2003 plays in What Alice Found role as Julie
2004 plays in 50 First Dates role as Young Woman
2004 plays in Satan's Little Helper role as Jenna Whooly
2004 plays in Going the Distance role as Trish
2004 plays in Our Time is Up role as Waif Short film
2005 plays in Trump Unauthorized role as Ivana Trump Television film
2005 plays in Hellraiser: Hellworld role as Chelsea
2006 plays in 13 Graves role as Amy Television film
2006 plays in Cloud 9 role as Olga
2006 plays in Kiss Me Again role as Chalice
2006 plays in Failure to Launch role as Melissa
2007 plays in Tipping Point role as Nina Patterson Television film
2007 plays in Law Dogs role as Lisa Bennett Television film
2007 plays in When Nietzsche Wept role as Lou Salome
2008 plays in Amusement role as Tabitha
2009 plays in Cold Souls role as Sveta
2010 plays in Tranced role as Cleo
2010 plays in Night and Day role as July Short film
2010 plays in Radio Free Albemuth role as Rachel Brady
2010 plays in Choose role as Fiona Wagner
2010 plays in Killers role as Vivian
2010 plays in Love & Other Drugs role as 'Lisa'
2011 plays in Bad $#*! Crazy role as Girlfriend
2012 plays in Children of the Air role as Samantha Thomas Short film
2012 plays in Stand Up Guys role as Oxana
2012 plays in A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III role as Ivana
2013 plays in The Art of the Steal role as Lola
2016 plays in Geostorm role as Filming

Katheryn Winnick's Television:
1999 plays in PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal in Episode: "Sacrifices"
1999 plays in Student Bodies role as Holly Benson in 5 episodes
2000 plays in Relic Hunter role as Roselyn in Episode: "Nine Lives"
2001 plays in Screech Owls role as Brianna Styles in Episode: "Face Off"
2002 plays in Tracker role as Laura in 2 episodes
2002 plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent role as Karyn Bennett in Episode: "Seizure"
2003 plays in Oz role as Liesel Robson in Episode: "4giveness"
2003 plays in Wild Card role as Kendall in Episode: "Hell Week"
2003 plays in 10-8: Officers on Duty role as Lucy Johnson in Episode: "Lucy in the Sky"
2004 plays in CSI: Miami role as Nicole Harjo in Episode: "Rap Sheet"
2004 plays in 1-800-Missing role as Julie Snyder in Episode: "In the Midnight Hour"
2005 plays in CSI: NY role as Lisa Kay in Episode: "Corporate Warriors"
2006 plays in Criminal Minds role as Maggie Lowe in Episode: "Somebody’s Watching"
2007 plays in House role as Eve in Episode: "One Day, One Room"
2008 plays in Law & Order role as Sarah Shipley in Episode: "Excalibur"
2008 plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent role as Carrie Conlon in Episode: "Faithfully"
2009 plays in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation role as Maureen Martin in Episode: "One to Go"
2010 plays in The Gates role as Kat Russo in Episode: "Identity Crisis"
2010 plays in Bones role as Hannah Burley in 7 episodes
2011 plays in The Glades role as Valerie Dorman in Episode: "Lost and Found"
2011 plays in Nikita role as Kelly in Episode: "Partners"
2012 plays in Transporter: The Series role as Darcy Daniels in Episode: "Hot Ice"
2013–present plays in Vikings role as Lagertha
2015 plays in Person of Interest role as Frankie Wells in Episode 18

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