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Olivia Wilde, keep her clothes on?

Does Olivia Wilde EVER keep her clothes on? It seems like EVERY movie she does, she ends up naked! Sometimes, the camera shows a little something (Alpha Dog, Cowboys and Aliens, etc) or just well placed cameras/hands that obscure it (The Change up, House, etc).

The Best Actress OSCAR winners have appeared nude in films, many more than once. So have a majority of Best Supporting Oscar winners and nominees for both categories. Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts or Nicole Kidman appeared nude and those are winners. Natalie Portman was nude in Hôtel Chevalier. Nicole Kidman was nude in Dead Calm.... more.. Sandra Bullock: The Proposal, Reese Witherspoon: Twilight(1998), Julia Roberts: Closest she ever came was Pretty Woman (used body double), Kidman: Has been nude in several movies. Extensively in Eye's Wide Shut. Halle Berry: Swordfish, Massive sex slut in Monster's Ball. Charlize Theron: Lol, damn, when didn't she. Too many to count. Kate Winslet: Titanic, and several others. Hillary Swank: The resident, Boys Don't Cry.. Helen Mirren: Excalibur and several others as a younger actress... Marion Cotillard: Rust and Bone.. Meryl Streep: Silkwood.. These are just the winners in the 2000's

Olivia Wilde, Deadfall

Olivia Wilde, Deadfall

BTW.. The fact that we are turned on or the fact that we love women brests doest make it porn. I dont know if is the same in all cultures, but imagine this, a women goes to work showing a lot of cleveage and perhaps all men will think or say things like "yumy, i want to hit that or i wish i was that shirt" or will simple stare at those and let their mind wonder away, but the other women will say things like "ahhh what a slut or she must be looking for a raise or i bet she just did her boss", i mean when was the last time you hear a woman say "good for her" when looking at another woman showing more skin that the rest arround?

of course im not defending men, not saying all women are like that, not saying men dont judge like that, but if you pay attention you will find its more women judging women than men judgin women.

Olivia Wilde's Film:
2004 plays in The Girl Next Door role as Kellie
2005 plays in Conversations with Other Women role as Bridesmaid
2006 plays in Alpha Dog role as Angela Holden
2006 plays in Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas role as Sarah Witt
2006 plays in Turistas role as Bea
2007 plays in The Death and Life of Bobby Z role as Elizabeth
2008 plays in Fix role as Bella
2009 plays in Year One role as Princess Inanna
2009 plays in The Ballad of G.I. Joe role as Baroness
2010 plays in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story role as Madonna
2010 plays in The Next Three Days role as Nicole
2010 plays in Tron: Legacy role as Quorra
2011 plays in Free Hugs role as Head Hooper
2011 plays in Cowboys & Aliens role as Ella Swenson
2011 plays in The Change-Up role as Sabrina McKay
2011 plays in On the Inside role as Mia Conlon
2011 plays in In Time role as Rachel Salas
2012 plays in Butter role as Brooke Swinkowski
2012 plays in Deadfall role as Liza
2012 plays in People Like Us role as Hannah
2012 plays in The Words role as Daniella
2013 plays in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone role as Jane
2013 plays in Drinking Buddies role as Kate
2013 plays in Rush role as Suzy Miller
2013 plays in Her role as Amelia
2013 plays in Third Person role as Anna
2014 plays in Better Living Through Chemistry role as Elizabeth Roberts
2014 plays in The Longest Week role as Beatrice Fairbanks
2015 plays in The Lazarus Effect[40] role as Zoe
2015 plays in Unity role as Narrator
2015 plays in Meadowland role as Sarah
2015 plays in Let It Snow role as

Olivia Wilde's Television
2003 plays in Skin role as Jewel Goldman in 6 episodes
2004–2005 plays in The O.C. role as Alex Kelly in 13 episodes
2006 plays in Punk'd role as Herself in Episode "7.2"
2007 plays in The Black Donnellys role as Jenny Reilly in 14 episodes
2007–2012 plays in House role as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley in 81 episodes
2012 plays in Tron: Uprising role as Quorra (voice) in Episode: "Isolated"
2012 plays in Half the Sky role as Herself in Documentary
2012 plays in Robot Chicken role as Rosemary Woodhouse / Groupie / Flight Attendant (voices) in Episode: "Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday"
2013 plays in The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange role as Rainbow Fairy (voice) in Episode: "Bats All, Fruits"
2014-2015 plays in Portlandia role as Eco-Terrorist in 2 episodes
2014 plays in American Dad! role as Denise (voice) in Episode: "Introducing The Naughty Stewardesses"
2014 plays in BoJack Horseman role as Charlotte (voice) in 2 episodes

Olivia Wilde's Music videos
2006 So Far We Are French Kicks
2007 Stolen Dashboard Confessional
2010 Derezzed Daft Punk
2013 City of Angels Thirty Seconds to Mars

Olivia Wilde's Video games
2010 Tron: Evolution role as Quorra (voice)
2010 Tron Evolution: Battle Grids role as Quorra (voice)

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