Monday, 5 January 2015

Richard Madden, Klondike, Cinderella..

Actually the lead in Cinderella? The article says that Cinderella will actually be shown from the perspective of Prince Charming, as we all know played by Richard Madden. Here's hoping! [[cheers]] I decided a while back that I need a small time actor to follow so I can see how his career progresses and he happened to win the Lottery! Hearing this makes me very excited!

Richard Madden, Klondike

Richard Madden, Klondike

I'm really happy for Richard Madden. I enjoyed his portrayal of Robb Stark in GOT / Game of Thrones. Can't wait to see him in this!

I loved him in Klondike. That was one good mini. (because of him). My appreciation increased so much. Yum

I thought he was really good in Klondike and it showed he could carry a show/film. I think he has a lot of talent and charisma. I knew him getting an Emmy nod for Klondike was a very long shot, but if he had, I felt he would have been worthy.

I will never disagree with more Richard in anything. It might be possible, that like Flynn Ryder (Eugene) in Tangled, that there are parts narrated by Richard's character. I do think his Prince has a way beefed up part, which is excellent (and addresses one of the very few complaints I had about the animated movie), but I do think Cinderella remains the star of the show. I cannot wait to see Cinderella.

YES!!! Great news!! Richie will be a big star soon!

Richie is just too talented and appealing to not be a star. He's the whole package.

Oh Cinderella is definitely the star. Glad Prince has a larger role myself.

Richard Madden's Film:
2000 plays in Complicity role as Young Adam
2010 plays in Chatroom role as Ripley
2011 plays in Strays role as Elliot
2013 plays in A Promise role as Ludwig
2015 plays in Cinderella role as Prince Kit
2015 plays in Group B role as Shane Hunter
2016 plays in Bastille Day role as

Richard Madden's Television:
1999–2000 plays in Barmy Aunt Boomerang role as Sebastian Simpkins in 20 episodes
2009 plays in Hope Springs role as Dean McKenzie in 8 episodes
2010 plays in Worried About The Boy role as Kirk Brandon in TV Movie
2011–2013 plays in Game of Thrones role as Robb Stark in 21 episodes
2011 plays in Sirens role as Ashley Greenwick in 6 episodes
2012 plays in Birdsong role as Captain Michael Weir in 2 episodes
2014 plays in Klondike role as Bill Haskell in 3 episodes

Richard Madden's Video games:
2013 plays in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate role as Trevor Belmont / Alucard
2014 plays in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 role as Alucard

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