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Scarlett Johansson, Lost her butt due to weight loss

Scarlett Johansson, Without her butt, she really isn't nothing special. Some women just don't need to lose a ton of weight. She was definitely better looking when before the loss.

Lucy movie, Scarlett Johansson

Lucy movie, Scarlett Johansson...

Agreed. What happened to her is what happens to all women in the normal weight range who lose weight for dumb reasons. Since there's not much excess weight to get rid off, it all just comes out of the tits and ass and also hollows out the face, making the girl look boyish.

That is true, I started taking notice around Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Then she kept going. She is starting to look very manly, indeed.

Anyway, Scarlett Johansson, She has the sexiest voice ever. I don't know why but her voice is just so pleasant to hear.

She has a beautiful and sexy voice. Very earthy and honest as well. I trust that she's very genuine.

Scarlett Johansson, She absolutely does. That's the way to have a deep and raspy voice. Very sensual. Women sound very sexy with either a husky voice like Scarlett's or with a lovely girlish voice like Marilyn Monroe or Lana Del Rey.

Scarlett Johansson's Film :
1994 plays in North role as Laura Nelson
1995 plays in Just Cause role as Kate Armstrong
1996 plays in If Lucy Fell role as Emily
1996 plays in Manny & Lo role as Amanda
1997 plays in Fall role as Little girl
1997 plays in Home Alone 3 role as Molly Pruitt
1998 plays in The Horse Whisperer role as Grace MacLean
1999 plays in My Brother the Pig role as Kathy Caldwell
2001 plays in The Man Who Wasn't There role as Rachael "Birdy" Abundas
2001 plays in Ghost World role as Rebecca
2001 plays in An American Rhapsody role as Zsuzsi / Suzanne Sandor (at 15)
2002 plays in Eight Legged Freaks role as Ashley Parker
2003 plays in Lost in Translation role as Charlotte
2003 plays in Girl with a Pearl Earring role as Griet
2004 plays in The Perfect Score role as Francesca Curtis
2004 plays in A Love Song for Bobby Long role as Pursy Will
2004 plays in A Good Woman role as Meg Windermere
2004 plays in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie role as Mindy (voice)
2004 plays in In Good Company role as Alex Foreman
2005 plays in Match Point role as Nola Rice
2005 plays in The Island role as Jordan Two Delta / Sarah Jordan
2006 plays in Scoop role as Sondra Pransky
2006 plays in The Black Dahlia role as Katherine "Kay" Lake
2006 plays in The Prestige role as Olivia Wenscombe
2007 plays in The Nanny Diaries role as Annie Braddock
2008 plays in The Other Boleyn Girl role as Mary Boleyn
2008 plays in Vicky Cristina Barcelona role as Cristina
2008 plays in The Spirit role as Silken Floss
2009 plays in He's Just Not That Into You role as Anna Marks
2010 plays in Iron Man 2 role as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
2011 plays in We Bought a Zoo role as Kelly Foster
2012 plays in The Avengers role as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
2012 plays in Hitchcock role as Janet Leigh
2013 plays in Don Jon role as Barbara Sugarman
2013 plays in Under the Skin role as Laura
2013 plays in Her role as Samantha (voice)
2014 plays in Captain America: The Winter Soldier role as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
2014 plays in Chef role as Molly
2014 plays in Lucy role as Lucy
2015 plays in Avengers: Age of Ultron role as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
2016 plays in Hail, Caesar! role as TBA
2016 plays in The Jungle Book role as Kaa (voice)

Scarlett Johansson's Television :
1995 plays in The Client role as Jenna Halliwell in Episode: "Pilot"
2001 plays in Anatomy of a Scene role as Herself in Episode: "Girl with the Pearl Earring"
2004 plays in Entourage role as Herself in Episode: "New York"
2005–08 plays in Robot Chicken role as Various voices in 6 episodes
2006–10 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Various roles in 5 episodes
2014 plays in HitRecord on TV role as Olivia in Episode: "RE: GAMES"

Scarlett Johansson's Stage:
2010 plays in A View from the Bridge Catherine Cort Theatre
2012 plays in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Margaret Richard Rodgers Theatre

Scarlett Johansson's Studio albums

Anywhere I Lay My Head

Released: May 16, 2008
Label: Atco Records
Format: CD, digital download

Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)

Released: July 15, 2008
Label: Periwinkle Entertainment, Rhino Entertainment
Format: digital download

Break Up with Pete Yorn

Released: September 15, 2009
Label: Atco Records, Rhino Entertainment
Format: CD, digital download

Scarlett Johansson's Soundtrack appearances :
2009 with song Last Goodbye in album He's Just Not That Into You: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2011 with song One Whole Hour in album Wretches & Jabberers Soundtrack
2012 with song Summertime (feat. 3D) in album Days of Grace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
2012 with song Before My Time (feat. J. Ralph & Joshua Bell) in album Chasing Ice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
2014 with song The Moon Song (feat. Joaquin Phoenix) in album The Moon Song (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture Her)

Scarlett Johansson's Other album appearances :
2006 with song Summertime . Various artists in album Unexpected Dreams – Songs From the Stars
2010 with song Bullet . Steel Train in album Terrible Thrills Vol. 1
2011 with song I'll Be Home for Christmas (duet) . Dean Martin in album My Kind of Christimas
2012 with song Bonnie & Clyde . Lulu Gainsbourg in album From Gainsbourg to Lulu
2012 with song Coteau Guidry . The Lost Bayou Ramblers in album Mammoth Walt

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