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Tom Hardy, The Dark Knight Rises, Excellent As Bane.........

Tom Hardy, in The Dark Knight Rises. The most attractive Batman villain even though his face was half covered in a mask. The man is hot stuff indeed.

Tom Hardy, The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy, The Dark Knight Rises

As a comics fan, I was disappointed that they didn't do more with the character.


His ability to transform himself from, say, his character in This Means War into Bane in TDKR was so hot to me. He looks great no matter what, and I've been a fan since Bronson, but I was so impressed with his Bane portrayal that I had goosebumps during and after the film. And right now, actually.

He's amazing in everything I've seen. You should check him out in The Take. He was incredible. Not to mention he is sexy as hell.

Bane wasn't all that him being in this film wound up being pointless it almost doesn't count .

Let face it, people hate art movies. Especially when they are not expecting an art movie

I'll entertain it. How was he pointless? Did he not take over the stock market to sabotage Wayne's funds? Did he not break Batman's back? Did he not terrorize the city and hold it hostage using a military bomb? Did he not free the prisoners and inspire an anarchic fear based state overthrow?

I agree. That voice of his.... It was very effective.

It's honestly horribly inaccurate, though.


he was the biggest disappointment in that movie they turnt bane into a holmy commoner .they wacked the very essence out of him they made bane some venice beach beef cake with a asthma problem who batman could of easily taken care of .

What the heck?
In case you didn't notice, batman couldn't take care of him... did we watch the same movie?

Batman was tougher than bane in the nolan films ,that fight was so fake it didn't even look believable . You could see the choreography during the fight it wasn't a very polished fight .Another thing that was inconsistent about bane that tom hardy gave up was he made him into a older guy .Look at the scene where bane is having them remove the cover from waynes device .Bane was sitting down the way he gets up he puts his hands on his knees like a old man.Batman should of kicked his ass he was quicker than bane who is more bulky just like in the comic book .Batman is the more agile person they both fought like they were old men .

The fact is, any actor who buffed up could have played Bane. It didn't fully showcase Tom's talent.

I thought Bane was excellent. Loved Hardy, loved the character.

Hardy is not somebody would cast as Bane,but I thought he was impressive in the role

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2002 plays in Star Trek: Nemesis role as Shinzon
2003 plays in The Reckoning role as Straw
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2004 plays in Layer Cake role as Clarkie
2005 plays in Gideon's Daughter role as Andrew
2006 plays in A for Andromeda role as John Fleming
2006 plays in Minotaur role as Theo
2006 plays in Marie Antoinette role as Raumont
2006 plays in Scenes of a Sexual Nature role as Noel
2006 plays in Sweeney Todd role as Matthew
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2007 plays in WΔZ role as Pierre Jackson
2007 plays in Stuart: A Life Backwards role as Stuart Shorter
2007 plays in The Inheritance role as Dad
2008 plays in Sucker Punch role as Rodders
2008 plays in RocknRolla role as Handsome Bob
2008 plays in Bronson role as Charles Bronson / Michael Peterson
2009 plays in Thick as Thieves role as Det. Michaels
2010 plays in Inception role as Eames
2011 plays in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy role as Ricki Tarr
2011 plays in Warrior role as Tommy Riordan Conlon
2012 plays in This Means War role as Tuck Hansen
2012 plays in The Dark Knight Rises role as Bane
2012 plays in Lawless role as Forrest Bondurant
2013 plays in Locke role as Ivan Locke
2014 plays in The Drop role as Bob Saginowski
2015 plays in Child 44 role as Leo Demidov
2015 plays in Mad Max: Fury Road role as Max Rockatansky
2015 plays in London Road role as Mark
2015 plays in Legend role as Ronald Kray / Reginald Kray
2015 plays in The Revenant role as John Fitzgerald

Tom Hardy's Television
2001 plays in Band of Brothers role as Pfc. John Janovec in 2 episodes
2005 plays in Colditz role as 2nd Lt. Jack Rose in 2 episodes
2005 plays in The Virgin Queen role as Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester in 4 episodes
2007 plays in Cape Wrath role as Jack Donnelly in 5 episodes
2007 plays in Oliver Twist role as Bill Sikes in 5 episodes
2008 plays in Wuthering Heights role as Heathcliff in 2 episodes
2009 plays in The Take role as Freddie in 4 episodes
2013 plays in The Aquabats! Super Show! role as Silver Skull in Voice, Episode: "Anti-bats"
2014 plays in Peaky Blinders role as Alfie Solomons in 5 episodes

Tom Hardy's Stage
2003 plays in In Arabia We'd All Be Kings role as Skank in Hampstead Theatre
2003 plays in Blood role as Luca in Royal Court Theatre
2007 plays in The Man of Mode role as Dorimant in National Theatre[35]
2010 plays in The Long Red Road role as Sammy in Goodman Theatre

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