Friday, 20 February 2015

Amber Tamblyn, Simple and innocent girl.

Like Amber Tamblyn, have not seen such an innocence and beauty anywhere. The acting of Amber in the Grudge 2 was best and that acting has made me her fan.

Her round face with golden hair that God has really taken some time to make that face. She is really simple and so quite that a person wants to look continuosly on her face.

Wish Amber Tamblyn should make lot's of success in the Hollywood and should sparkle like a star in the sky.

Watch Joan OF Arcadia! She's Lovely and amazing.

Love her movies especially Normal adolescent behavior.

She also loves Poetry.

Bang Ditto Hardcover by Amber Tamblyn (Author)

..Bang Ditto by Amber Tamblyn (Author), A new collection of poetry..

is her Second Book

her third collection of poems titled, "Dark Sparkler" to Harper Collins

her debut book of poems, entitled Free Stallion

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