Saturday, 21 February 2015

America Ferrera, Latinas in Hollywood

it seem that every woman in hollywood who is latin seems to only date white men. There are the few who do not Eva Longoria- but she at one point did. And the men they date are not men of any substance- excluding Salma Hayek- boyfriend is major (14 billion). The woman in hollywood who are latino tend to date men who are white and have nothing going on.


America Ferrera: Latina Superstar (Hot Celebrity Biographies)

America Ferrera: Latina Superstar (Hot Celebrity Biographies)

Eva Mendes- white guy whose last job it seems was in 2005- some kind of director
America Ferrera- white guy from college
Sara Ramirez- some random white guy who was an extra on HER SHOW
Salma Hayek- some white guy but he is wealthier than wealth can even imagine but before then it was B-list actors
Rosario Dawson- white guy that was better looking than her- plays on Sex and the City
Roseyln Sanchez- white guy from the soaps!!
Zoe Saladana- white guy with no acting credits
and the list could go on

Eva Longoria- JC Chasez ouch!!!

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