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Blu-ray is not always better than DVD

Blu-ray is not always better than DVD.. For example, I recently bought Leon Blu-ray (UK edition) and was disappointed the Menu system is wayyy too mundane and uninspired compared to the US DVD version.

Big Hero 6 DVD, Ryan Potter (Actor), Scott Adsit (Actor), Chris Williams Don Hall (Director)

Big Hero 6 DVD, Ryan Potter (Actor), Scott Adsit (Actor), Chris Williams Don Hall (Director)

Yes, because a snazzy menu always trumps six times the pixel count and uncompressed audio.

Menu system? Seriously???

I think you've got your priorities in the wrong place, boy. You're talking about the creativity, or lack thereof, of menu designers, not the technical specs of the blu-ray format itself.

Menu system ok then [[laugh]]

You example means nothing at the end of the day, if you think about it... Would I rather have better picture and sound quality or a better menu presented? Yeah, I appreciate when a good menu is done for a film, but I much prefer the quality of the better audio and picture over a menu I spend seconds looking at.

Sure the movie and pixels trump the menues/easter eggs etc but I partly agree with you OP. I don't get why they make a nice bluray and make the menues feel like a budget dvd from 1999 or drop some of the fun easter eggs that the massive dvd releases had.

The menus for Star Wars, A

And ye the UK Leon release is beyond crap menu-wise. Feels like an intern made it.

Thank you for agreeing with me. I mean, the difference is so stark between the two menus. The US DVD version is animated, and there is a bit where you click on an option, and a sound plays like a bomb and it explodes into more options. The menu is a joy to look at.

I like nice menus because, I don't immediately watch a film, sometimes I need a bit of time to get settled down, to fix myself a drink or whatnot, so I leave it on the menu screen while I am getting ready.

Also, I think the Leon Blu-ray menu is particularly poorly done because to switch between the Director's cut and Theatrical version, it wasn't clearly defined. It just had "Play Movie", how are we suppose to know which version is that? Then I realised the "Theatrical Version" is tucked away elsewhere, and the "Play Movie" version is the Director's cut

Ugh, I hate that gimmicky crap. Simple menus are best.

Depends if you care about Picture and sound quality (I do).

The only way where the DVD can be better, is when all the DVD extras have not been ported over to the Blu-ray. That is damn annoying.

You're not only wrong. You're wrong at the top of your voice

The menus may not look like much, but blu-ray has got it where it counts, kid.

I can't imagine Clerks being any better on BR than it is on DVD.

Don't be so ignorant, it's much better. The details and black levels are far more accurate.

I have a different opinion than you so I'm somehow ignorant?

Blu-ray will always look better unless the studio screws up, I apologize for coming across as rude.

Studios do screw up though.

Some blu rays are not remastered or restored to fully utilise the potential of the format.

Amadeus for instance is apparently DVD type quality picture and sound on blu ray.

It's worth checking reviews before forking out cash for a poor quality release.

It's also worth having a multi-zone player so you can cherry pick the
releases from anywhere in the world.

my player cost £50 and with a firmware upgrade from the internet can play any DVDs or Blu Rays.

Personally I recently bought the German blu ray of Leon because it has 7.1 audio.

Also I bought the US Citizen Kane because it is very good restoration (UK restoration is apparently awful).

Also I bought the Swedish release of the Mission Impossible films because only their Blu Rays have lossless audio (well 1-3 anyway).

I would love to buy the Die Hard films but will wait for them to do a proper remastering job on them first.

With regards to menus, I personally would rather have a basic menu, I don't want to have to wait while excerpts from the film are played - especially if I haven't seen it yet. Probably the best compromise would be that one can skip the animated menu if necessary, it would be great if this could be done also for trailers, and FBI and copyright warnings.

Amadeus for instance is apparently DVD type quality picture and sound on blu ray.

Entirely incorrect.

An example of a bad Blu-ray is Dirty Dancing.

A rare example of a movie that does not need Blu-ray since it was shot in standard definition is 28 Days Later.

28 Days Later may not benefit from BD picture quality but the DTS-HD sound on the BD is a major improvement on the DVD's squashed Dol

I will agree that sometimes studios screw up in the transfer. Mad Max 2-The Road Warrior, for example, in its 2007 blu-ray incarnation (Max on the cover against blueish-orange skies) is a pale, washed-out facsimile of its more rich, colorful 1996 DVD transfer, and the magnificent six-track Dol

Thankfully, Warner got it about as right as it's apparently going to get this time in its 2013 blu-ray remaster (Max on the cover against grayish skies), with more of the rich color palette as well as the omnipotent 360-degree surround gyrocopter flyovers from the DVD reinstated.

Most of Warner's early BD releases were garbage. Lossy sound, 1080i DVD masters deinterlaced to faux-1080p, strangled bitrates and generally just crap.

A simpler menu means more space available for the movie, which means they can use a higher bitrate and make it look better. Or they can use the space for more special features.

Look at Dark Knight, for example. It skips the menu entirely and starts the movie automatically. No trailers or anything either. All it has is the pop-up menu that appears over the movie. This is almost perfect, the only problem is that the lossy audio track is selected

Blu-ray is not always better than DVD.

That's a lie and you know it

I would say that in most cases BR is better than dvd

BD holds more data than DVD, which is better. What that data contains is subjective.

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